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Andraya Carter Parents: Father Gary Tyke And Mother Jessica Lhamon

The versatile and talented Andraya Carter has always credited her parents and siblings as her inspiration.

She is currently an ESPN basketball analyst and head fitness coach at Orangetheory Fitness.

According to Carter, her family has been the driving force and motivation behind her success.

Key Takeaways

  • Andraya Carter was raised by her mother, Jessica Lhamon, and stepfather, Gary ‘Tyke’ Lhamon.
  • Jessica was a teen mom who struggled a lot to provide for the analyst.
  • Carter’s grandmother instilled her early passion for basketball.

Born To A Teen Mom

Andraya Carter was born on November 12, 1993, in Decatur, Georgia, to her mother, Jessica Lhamon.

She was a teen mom who faced financial difficulty during her early days.

The sportscaster describes her mother as a fighter who went to great lengths to ensure she was provided for, safe and cared for as she grew up in Southern Hall County.

“She has been through so much, yet she always got up and fought back,” said the former Tennessee player.

After raising her kids, she pursued her dreams by returning to school to get a degree and start her nursing career.

Andraya was born before her mother met her stepfather, Gary Lhamon.

Her biological father’s identity remains a mystery, but according to her college profile, she has two siblings, Chris and Shay Carter, from her real dad.

Stepdad Raised Her As His Own Daughter

Andraya was raised alongside 3 siblings by her mother and stepdad, Gary ‘Tyke’ Lhamon (whom she refers to as her dad).

Tyke is from Lima, Ohio, but resides in Flowery Branch, Georgia. He was a high school football player at Lima Bath High School (1983-1986).

Formerly a Rohrer Corporation plant supervisor, Mr. Lhamon now works in Beaver Paper and Media Graphics.

Moreover, Gary started as a plant manager in 2018 and shifted to Production Planning Manager in 2022.

Regarding her siblings, sister Alli Lhamon is a realtor sales associate at ‘SimplyDwellHomes’ and the founder of ‘Operation Shiny Teeth.’

She studied at the University of Georgia and is engaged to her boyfriend, Robert Bedell.

On the other hand, brothers Curt and sister Zoey Lhamon are out of the limelight, but both have already graduated.

Affection With Grandmother

Andraya started playing ball when she was four and fell in love with the game.

As a child, Carter shared a special bond with her grandmother Gloria, whom she affectionately called Nanna.

They both shared a love for the University of Tennessee women’s basketball team.

Inspired by the passion, when she was 7, she told her mother that she wanted to be Tennessee Lady Vol.

She was obsessed with the team to the extent that she painted her childhood bedroom and bathroom in Lady Vol colors, although her dad hated it.

Wherever Carter goes now, she cherishes the memories of her grandmother, who lived in Flowery Branch.

Unfortunately, Gloria passed away in 2015, missing out on witnessing Carter’s success in broadcasting, including covering televised games.


Does Andraya Carter Have A Pet Snake?

She has had a ball python named “Nothing” as a pet for the past 10 years. Her biological dad had one, but her stepdad wouldn’t allow it. So, Anadrya got one as soon as she reached college.

Why Did Andraya Carter Criticize Angel Reese?

Carter criticized Reese after a rough first half against Middle Tennessee State in the March 24th game. Although LSU won, Andraya questioned her decision-making and suggested that she should do better.

Is Andraya Carter Married?

Yes, she married Bre Austin, a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, in 2019.

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