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Jo Harten Partner Alex Williams and Their Enduring Relationship

Jo Harten, the Giants Netball player, recently shared her journey on the Sky Sports Netball: Off The Court Podcast, offering insight into her experiences.

Curiosity about Harten’s personal life, particularly her partner, takes center stage as anticipation builds for the Netball Super League Grand Final.

Alex Williams is Harten’s partner, and their relationship has blossomed significantly.

Key Takeaways

  • After retiring from the English Netball International, Jo Harten’s match for the GIANTS will be the first.
  • Most likely, Jo Harten started dating his partner, Alex Williams, in 2019.
  • Alex prefers to keep her details private despite dating a partner who is an authentic social butterfly. They respect each others’ privacy at all costs.

Jo Harten decided to retire from the England Netball International at 34 in 2023.

After undergoing knee surgery in January and taking enough time to recover, she has decided to return.

She will play for the GIANTS at the domestic level in the Australia Super Netball League.

She is the daughter of Barry Harten and Chris Harten, born in Harlow, Essex.

Since childhood, she has been an athlete at heart, showing interest in multiple sports, such as football, tennis, and field hockey.

Jo was introduced to netball by her mother, who previously played in a local league.

Jo Harten Started Dating Alex Williams In 2019

Jo Harten has always been a social butterfly, sharing her personal life updates and all professional achievements on social media.

Based on the photos shared on her Instagram handle, she has many friendly girlfriends with whom she loves to hang out and spend time.

In this context, no photos of Alex Williams before 2019 have been posted, hinting that they met only during dusk in 2019 and probably started going out.

The first photo she shared with Alex was on September 18th, 2019.

Unlike Jo, Alex likes to keep her details private and doesn’t prefer to be in the public’s eye, as she has kept her Instagram handle private.

This specifies that her preference is to stay low-key and allow only a selected few people to witness her life’s highs and lows.

The couple seems quite romantic and share similar interests, as they can be seen doing lots of fun stuff together.

The first photo posted on Instagram shows them together at a Gala Dinner, all dolled up in Doltone House Darling Island.

In the second post, they can be seen having a bash as they celebrate the New Year of 2020 and their togetherness on the first day of the first month.

In the same way, they can be seen enjoying hotdogs and muffins in the streets of Berlin, a beautiful city in Germany.

Not to forget the alluring tan they displayed in their photos while sunbathing on the beach of Coogee, New South Wales.

In the photo posted in 2021, they can be seen surfing together with profoundly happy faces, and the caption says,

When she tells you what wave, what direction to go and then applauds your boogie boarding efforts. Summer vibing

Two years into the relationship, they decided to start their family. With hearts brimming with love and excitement, they welcomed a furry bundle of joy named Lamb into their lives.

The whole family spends quality time together in the waters, going for a picnic, camping, and brunching, showcasing nothing but their love to shower the world with.

The couple shares a strong bond, which strengthens after each passing year.

While Jo’s social media gives us a glimpse of their lives, personal details about Alex are scarce.

In this, Jo has done an excellent job of respecting her partner’s privacy and wishes to stay low-key, reflecting the dignity and esteem prevalent in their relationship.


What Is Jo Harten’s Full Name?

Jo Harten’s full name is Joanne Elizabeth Harten.

Why Did The Netball Player Retire From The England Netball International?

She finally decided to retire as she couldn’t give her best both mentally and physically due to her deteriorating health.

When Was Jo Born?

She was born on 21st March 1989, which makes her 35 years old as of 2024.

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