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What Happened To Ronda Rousey? Scandal And Controversy

In 2016, when she suddenly retired from the MMA, every fan wondered what happened to Ronda Rousey.

At first glance, it seemed like Ronda was hiding from the media, as she had suffered a back-to-back loss for the first time in her career.

But nobody realized that her problem was more profound than anyone could realize.

Recently she revealed that she had ongoing trouble with concussion from her judo days. And with time, her troubles went from bad to worse.

So, today, let’s discuss the troubles that ultimately ended her career.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ronda Rousey’s MMA career was cut short due to ongoing concussion issues stemming from her judo days.
  • Despite becoming a trailblazer for women’s wrestling in WWE, Rousey didn’t shy away from criticizing the organization for its historical treatment of female talent.
  • Rousey’s revelations shed light on the challenges faced by female athletes in combat sports and underscore the importance of addressing health concerns.

Ronda Rousey Retired Because Of Health Issues

During the first half of the 2010s, Ronda was unstoppable. She was unbeatable for 12 matches in a row.

But in 2016, she faced the biggest upset of her career after getting knocked out in just 53 seconds against Holly Holm.

Many fans still believe it was the main reason for Ronda’s short career.

However, the truth behind her disappearance was much harsher than anyone can imagine.

In an interview with Cageside Seats, it was revealed that Rousey had rich concussion history.

She was dealing with concussion symptoms from her judo career, which was like more than a decade.

Even when she joined MMA, she didn’t tell anyone about her condition. In her later years, she had a fear of losing a contract.

With time, her condition kept on getting worse; she even had to change her game just to avoid getting hit.

While explaining those days she said:

It got to the point where if I was getting touched at all, if I was getting jabbed, I was starting to get concussion symptoms and I couldn’t tell my coach about it. I couldn’t tell Dana about it. ‘Cause, they would retire me. They wouldn’t let me fight. And I wasn’t ready to let go. I wasn’t ready to admit that I couldn’t do everything perfectly. ‘Cause that’s what I had to believe to be able to be at that level.

Furthermore, Ronda was already injured before the fight with Holly.

Two weeks before the fight, she had slipped down the stairs, due to which she got an ACL injury.

Besides that, she also got unconscious. The thing about concussion is if it isn’t treated well, then the condition keeps on getting worse.

But she didn’t want to quit yet; she wanted to continue her career, but her body didn’t agree. So, unfortunately, she had to retire from UFC.

Ronda Rousey Claims That WWE Didn’t Treat Women Nicely

After retiring from UFC, she decided to take her talents to WWE.

In fact, she became the light bearer for women’s wrestling in WWE. However, in her recent book, she made some hard claims about the organization.

Rousey didn’t hold back in criticizing key figures like Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and Bruce Prichard.

She suggests McMahon’s influence remains strong even when he’s not directly involved in day-to-day operations, with individuals like Prichard acting as his proxies.

Rousey also highlights the historical challenges faced by female wrestlers within WWE.

She points out their relegation to secondary roles and objectification, emphasizing that progress towards more significant roles for women only came after considerable pressure.

Rousey suggests a culture of se*ism and questionable management practices within WWE.

She mentions allegations of a casting couch culture and pressure for se*ual favors in exchange for airtime, reflecting broader concerns about corporate culture.


Why Did Ronda Rousey Criticize WWE In Her Recent Book?

Ronda Rousey criticized WWE, alleging a culture of se*ism and questionable management practices within the organization. She highlighted the historical challenges faced by female wrestlers, including relegation to secondary roles and allegations of a casting couch culture.

Who Were The Key Figures Criticized By Ronda Rousey In Her Book?

Ronda Rousey criticized key figures in WWE, including Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and Bruce Prichard. She suggested McMahon’s continued influence on the organization, even when not directly involved, with individuals like Prichard acting as proxies.

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