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Why Did Jeremy Lin Leave The NBA And What Happened To Him? Controversy And Scandal

Jeremy Lin, former NBA guard, faces a five-game suspension in the P. League+ for undergoing a prohibited blood treatment, unaware of its violation.

Jeremy Lin, known for his NBA journey and title win, now plays in Taiwan’s EASL.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeremy Lin left the NBA because of racism and injuries, making it hard for him to find a team despite his earlier success, highlighting his tough journey in basketball.
  • Despite winning an NBA title, Jeremy Lin now plays in Taiwan’s league, facing different rules and tougher competition with the New Taipei Kings.
  • Even with a suspension, Jeremy Lin keeps working hard to help Taiwanese basketball, showing his determination despite setbacks.
  • Jeremy Lin got suspended from the P. League+ for a banned treatment, not knowing it was against the rules, showing his struggle in Taiwan’s basketball league.

Leading the New Taipei Kings, he faces a different game style with shorter three-point lines and tougher play.

Despite a suspension for a banned treatment, Lin remains committed to boosting Taiwanese basketball.

Why Did Jeremy Lin Leave The NBA And What Happened To Him?

Jeremy Lin left the NBA due to racial biases and injuries. Despite his “Linsanity” fame, Lin faced skepticism because of his Asian-American background, limiting his chances.

Throughout his time in the NBA G League amid the pandemic, Lin faced racist remarks, enduring the hurtful chanting of “coronavirus” on the court.

Lin said, “I just wanted to be recognized for being a great basketball player. I was so tired of, from literally age 8 until Linsanity, it was always, ‘Oh, he’s a good basketball player, but he’s Asian.’ … And so I was trying to run from that tag,”.

He struggled with little playing time and frequent trades, while several leg injuries reduced his effectiveness on the court.

After his standout season with the Knicks, his subsequent stints with other teams didn’t go as well. His scoring, defense, and overall impact declined, making NBA teams less eager to sign him, given the league’s high standards.

Lin played overseas, notably with the Beijing Ducks, but aimed to return to the NBA.

However, despite proving himself on multiple occasions, Lin’s efforts to secure an NBA roster spot were thwarted.

Jeremy Lin’s Controversy And Scandal

Back in 2022, Jeremy Lin faced backlash after criticizing quarantine facilities.

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) fined Lin for his remarks, which questioned the quality of the workout facilities at a hotel where the team was staying.

In a now-deleted video, Lin’s comments described the facilities as “garbage.”

However, it was later clarified that the hotel was only for a short stay required by COVID regulations.

China’s strict “zero-COVID” measures include widespread lockdowns and isolation protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

The incident highlights the sensitivity surrounding COVID-related issues in China and the repercussions for those publicly criticizing quarantine measures.


1. Does Jeremy Lin have a wife?

Former NBA star Jeremy Lin announced Wednesday that he has been married for about two years. In a Facebook post wishing his followers and fans a happy Lunar New Year, Lin shared the news, adding that the intimate wedding was the “highlight” of his life.

2. What did Jeremy Lin study at Harvard?

Jeremy Lin studied Economics at Harvard University from 2006 to 2010, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree and maintaining a 3.1 GPA.

3. How long was Jeremy Lin in the NBA?

Jeremy Lin was a solid point guard who played in the league for nine seasons.

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