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March Madness Charles Barkley Hair Loss: Alopecia Or Bald

For years, some of basketball’s biggest stars, like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Charles Barkley, have rocked the shaved head look.

“Inside the NFL” is a CW sports show where Charles Barkley was invited.

Key Takeaways

  • Charles Barkley’s baldness is probably just from genetics; his father, Frank, is also bald.
  • He hasn’t had any big health problems. He lost a lot of weight recently, which got people talking.
  • Charles Barkley said he used a special drug to lose weight. It shows how modern medicine can help.

During the show, a pun was exchanged between the hosts, with one suggesting, “If I bet on the Kansas City Chiefs and they win, you’ll grow your hair back.”

Charles Barkley responded, “Nobody really wants to be bald,” insisting he was sensitive about his hair.

The Evolution of Charles Barkley’s Shaved Hair To Bald

When Charles Barkley was a rookie, he decided to go bald for a few reasons that many of us can relate to. First off, playing basketball at the pro level is no joke – it’s sweaty, intense, and exhausting.

With all that running around, having no hair on his head helped Charles stay cool during games. Plus, the stress of being a top athlete can take its toll, and as he got older, his hair might have started to thin out.

So, shaving it off was a practical solution to deal with that.

However, looking at the current scenario, Charles Barkley’s baldness could be attributed to alopecia or simply genetics. Observing his family background reveals that his father, Frank Barkley, is also bald.

Has Charles Barkley Experienced Any Health Issues?

Charles Barkley did not face any major health issues, but he has garnered praise for his remarkable weight loss.

The former NBA star, known for his athleticism and larger-than-life persona, has undergone a significant transformation, capturing media attention with his 60-pound weight loss.

Speculation arose regarding Barkley’s methods, with rapid and sustained weight loss often associated with bariatric procedures like the mini gastric sleeve or bypass.

Despite initial uncertainty, Barkley recently disclosed on “The Pat McAfee Show” that his weight loss was facilitated by a viral drug, Mounjaro, rather than conventional methods like diet and exercise.

This revelation sheds light on Barkley’s journey from 352 to 290 pounds, showcasing both his determination and the potential impact of innovative medical treatments.


1. How tall was Charles Barkley in the NBA?

Charles Barkley stood at a height of 6 feet 6 inches.

2. How old is a former NBA player?

The former NBA player was born on February 20, 1963, making him 61 years old.

3. When did Barkley retire?

Barkley retired from professional basketball in 2000, becoming the fourth player in NBA history to do so.

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