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Who Is Sarah Schmelzel Husband? Relationship And Love Life Explored

As Sarah Schmelzel, a professional goal player, seeks her first LPGA win in the 2024 Ford Championship, she garners attention on her husband and love life.

Sarah is not married; however, she was dating the golf player Nathan Yankovich.

Key Takeaways

  • Sarah Schmelzel is unmarried and, most likely, single.
  • She dated a former professional golfer, Nathan Yankovich, for a while, and soon the relationship ended.
  • Details on Sarah’s love relationship remain hidden, while Nathan is in a happy relationship with McKenna King.

Although Sarah started with gymnastics, her passion for golf sparked when she observed Annika Sorenstam play and shoot a remarkable 59 in 2001.

After playing as an amateur, she became a professional in 2016, joining the Symetra tour in 2017 and the LPGA tour in 2019.

Sarah Schmelzel Doesn’t Have A Husband, Nathan Yankovich Is Her Ex-Boyfriend

According to the Gazette’s 2018 report, Sarah was in an official relationship with former professional golfer Nathan Yankovich.

No available information describes how Sarah and Nate first became acquainted or how their love story started.

They are not from the same state and did not attend the same schools. They attended schools that were geographically distinct from one another.

However, they probably bonded over their shared passion, golf.

According to Nathan’s LinkedIn profile, he works as a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant at Samuel D. Koon & Associates in Columbus, Ohio, Metropolitan City.

He is a determined individual who strives for perfection and has a hunger for achievement through growth and a goal-oriented mindset.

Nate is a focused professional and teammate who demonstrates a strong work ethic, grit, self-discipline, and time management skills.

Nate found his passion for golf while attending the University of Iowa and played at the collegiate level for three years starting in August 2012.

In the meantime, he became the Iowa Men’s Golf Team member and won the Iowa Sportsmanship Award in 2016.

Then, he became a professional in 2017 when attending the Mackenzie Tour in Canada.

Similarly, in 2020, he contributed his time as an LPGA tour caddie to aid the rising players in their race to the CME Globe.

In August 2021, he retired from being a professional golfer and switched to business.

Recently, no pictures have been posted together on Sarah’s Instagram handle.

The last picture she posted was in September 2020, which has been deleted from her account, hinting that they are no longer together.

Another evidence to prove their breakup is Nate’s Instagram handle, as he has been open about his new relationship.

Currently, Nate is dating Mckenna King, a morning meteorologist; they seem to have been dating since 2023.

This means that Nate and Sarah have ended their relationship, although they didn’t make a public declaration.

Based on this information, Sarah is most likely single; she neither has a boyfriend nor a husband.

Sarah has always been private about her love relationships. Even in Nathan’s case, an official statement was never made, which shows that she prefers to stay low-key about them.

No other information is available about her previous relationships except for her relationship with Nathan; thus, it was impossible to track her dating timeline.

Unless the athlete herself chooses to disclose her private life, we, as her fans, need to be patient and root for her achievements.


What Is One Of Sarah Schmelzel’s Latest Wins As An Amateur?

She won the Bryan National Collegiate in 2016 as an amateur.

When And Where Was Sarah Schmelzel Born?

She was born on May 12, 1994, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Which University Did Sarah Attend?

She attended the University of South Carolina between 2012 and 2016 and played in the South Carolina Gamecocks Women’s Golf Team.

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