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RJ Godfrey Dad Randall Godfrey, Parents And Family Details

RJ Godfrey is following in his dad’s footsteps by pursuing a career in sports just like his dad did.

RJ Godfrey, aka Randall Godfrey Jr., plays for the Clemson Tigers and has made his family and parents proud.

The most remarkable part of RJ’s season was scoring his highest-ever points, 10, during a game against Virginia Tech.

He showcased his excellent shooting skills by making 3 point shots that helped his team win.

Key Takeaways

  • RJ Godfrey’s Dad, Randall Godfrey, is a former linebacker in the NFL.
  • Randall Godfrey RJ’s dad was named SEC Freshman of the Year and competed for 11 seasons in the NFL.
  • RJ Godfrey’s parents have been married for almost 22 years.
  • Randall has a charitable foundation named The Randall Godfrey All-Star Football Camp.

RJ’s dad’s encouragement and support played a significant role in his decision to pursue a career in sports, where he became a valuable contributor off the bench for the team.

RJ Godfrey’s Dad, Randall Godfrey, Is An NFL Veteran

Born on April 6, 1973, in Valdosta, Georgia, United States, Randall Euralentris Godfrey is a former American football linebacker in the NFL.

He competed for 11 seasons and sustained a significant professional football career in the NFL.

Randall played college football at the University of Georgia, majoring in housing and consumer economics.

He was named SEC Freshman of the Year and got a scholarship from the University of Georgia.

Randall also played defensively for the Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, San Diego Chargers, and Washington Football Team.

He runs a foundation named “The Randall Godfrey All-Star Football Camp,” a non-contact camp for boys between 6 and 14 who can learn from Randall and several other NFL players.

Randall’s years of dedication and excellence on the field showcased his remarkable skills and talent, substantially impacting the NFL.

RJ’s dad’s achievements motivated him to follow his passion and pursue a career in sports.

RJ Godfrey’s Mother Is Proud Of Her Son’s Achievements

RJ Godfrey’s mother, Rhonda Godfrey, is happy and proud of everything her son has achieved.

Like his father, Randall, his mother, Rhonda, encourages and motivates him. She often shares her son’s achievements on her social media.

RJ’s parents have been married for almost 22 years, and he shares a strong bond and connection with his parents and family.

Rhonda is a perfect example of what a perfect mother and wife should be. She is always there for them, supporting and nurturing them with love and care.

RJ’s Parents have played a significant role in shaping his values, aspirations, and character, providing him with a strong foundation for personal growth and success.


How Old Is RJ Godfrey?

RJ Godfrey was Born On January 1, 2003, in Suwanee, Georgia. He is 21 years old.

Is RJ Godfrey’s Family Related To Chase Hunter’s Family?

Although RJ Godfrey and Chase Hunter’s families have no blood relation, they treat each other’s families like their own. RJ’s father, Randall, and Chase’s father, Brice, both football players, were very close friends and had a strong bond. Chase sees Randall as a fatherly figure, and Dillon and RJ, both basketball players, see each other like brothers.

Does RJ Godfrey Have Siblings?

RJ Godfrey has three siblings, including two brothers named Grant and Tre Godfrey and a sister named Kendall Godfrey. His younger brother, Grant Godfrey, plays football and is a linebacker for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Is RJ Godfrey Active On Social Media Platforms?

RJ Godfrey is active on Instagram with around 8863 followers.

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