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MLS Philadelphia Union Holden Trent Parents: Mother Annie B And Father Details

Holden Trent, the goalkeeper of the Philadelphia Union, attracts attention to his parents as he competes this season in the MLS.

He was born to his mother, Annie B, on 7th July 1999 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Key Takeaways

  • Holden Trent is the son of Annie B, who raised him with immense support and care throughout his athletic career.
  • Holden’s grandfather played football back then, representing his ancestors’ genetic inheritance in sports.
  • His father’s information has not been disclosed, and his sister’s name is Liza.

Holden Trent, the soccer prodigy, has his match on 30th March 2024.

He earns an average annual salary of $67,730 as the Philadelphia Union’s goalkeeper.

Trent attended Page High School and attended West Virginia University; however, he soon transferred to High Point University for personal reasons.

Holden Trent Parents, Mother Annie B, And Father Are Proud Of Him

Holden was prepared to become a soccer player from an early age, and his parents gave him immense support and motivation.

During high school, he played club soccer for the Carolina Rapids and NC Fusion.

He was also a member of the NC Fusions Under 18 team that competed in the USSDA Playoffs.

During this athletic journey, his mother, Annie B, was with him, rooting for him from the backstage.

She has always been there for him whenever he wanted to talk to anyone or express worries.

Annie B nurtured his son in a way that made him fulfilled and cherished, and he grew up in a state of not lacking anything.

Although much information about his parents has yet to be revealed, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t acknowledge their efforts.

He also became the captain of the U17 USSDA team after undergoing consistent training and workshop sessions.

Talking about his father, even though his name hasn’t been disclosed publicly, intriguing interest among fans regarding who he is.

Looking at his family history, Trent’s grandfather also played football at Wake Forest, hinting that he had athletic lineage inherited from his ancestors.

Due to his athletic roots, he discovered his passion for soccer in elementary school and decided to chase his dreams.

Thanks to all this, he became a five-year member of the US Developmental Academy.

His parents are very proud of all the achievements he has made till now and appreciate him for the kind of person he has grown up to become.

Additionally, Holden Trent appreciates his parents’ efforts and acknowledges them for all his achievements till now.

Holden also has a sister named Liza, who has been a pillar of support in his journey to becoming a successful soccer player.


When Did Holden Trent Win Top Drawer Soccer Best XI Second Team?

He won the award in 2022.

How Did The Soccer Prodigy, Holden Trent, Perform In Union League II 2023?

He made five appearances in Union II league play and exhibited 20 saves, 62.5 SV%, and 12 goals against.

When Did The Goalkeeper Sign His Contract With The Philadelphia Union?

He joined the Philadelphia Union in 2023.

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