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Is Hugh Larkin Related To Dylan Larkin? Western Michigan Hockey Player Wikipedia And Age

After a match against North Dakota, young Hugh Larkin impressed everyone in the stadium, and now many fans wonder if he is related to Dylan Larkin.

If you are a fan of the NHL, you might already know about Dylan. But if you aren’t familiar with him, then here is quick info for you:

The talented center is the captain of the Red Wings.

Since Dylan and Hugh share a common surname, many fans believe that, somehow, both athletes are related.

However, after doing thorough research, we have come to the conclusion that Hugh and Dylan aren’t related.

We do have some facts to debunk this myth. So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the points that prove both athletes aren’t related.

Key takeaways:

  • Hugh Larkin, despite not being related to Dylan Larkin, is making a name for himself in the hockey world.
  • He showcased his skills early on, playing for Austin Bruin in the NAHL and later debuting for West Michigan University.
  • Hugh’s consistent performance and growing impact indicate a promising future in hockey.

Points Proving Hugh Larkin Is Not Related To Dylan Larkin

The first thing we looked at while researching was their hometown.

Hugh grew up in Livonia, whereas Dylan is originally from Waterford. Even though both towns are in Michigan, both of the towns are about 30 miles apart from each other.

Due to the difference in their hometown, we had a slight suspicion that they mightn’t be related.

We know that just because they were born in different towns doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t related.

So, the next thing we will bring forward is their parents.

Hugh Larkin was born to their father, Hugh Joseph Larkin. and his mother, Carolyn. On the other hand, Dylan was born to Kevin Larkin (father) and Sidney Denise Larkin (mother).

Since they both have different parents, we were sure they were not brothers.

While doing our research, we discovered that Hugh lost his father in 2023. After a few hours of digging into this, we realized his old man had two brothers named Joseph (Fran) and John (Soraya).

Since Dylan’s father isn’t Hugh’s father’s brother, we became convinced that they weren’t cousins either.

Besides that, in 2017, Dylan, with his brothers and cousin, decided to give back to the community by establishing Larkin Hockey School.

And there was no mention of Hugh during this huge moment, proving that they aren’t related.

So, based on all these facts, we believe they aren’t related.

Who Is Hugh Larkin?

Even though Hugh isn’t related to Dylan, there is no denying that Hugh is going to be a superstar in the Hockey world.

Born on March 17, 1999, Hugh is currently 25 years old.

The talented right-winger attended Catholic Central High School in 2017.

Besides him, his father has also played hockey professionally in Canada. After his brief stint in Canada, he decided to be a fireman.

Going back to his career, Larkin has played 2 seasons with Austin Bruin in NAHL during his junior years.

His best season came in the 2019-20 season when he scored 21 goals and 25 assists with the Bruins. He was also the team’s assistant captain.

The talented athlete then went on to attend the famous West Michigan University.

His debut at the collegiate level came against North Dakota during the 2020-21 season, during which he played 18 games.

Next season(2021-22), he played 19 games, scoring three goals and one assist.

People started noticing his talents during the 2022-23 season. In that season, he appeared in 38 games and scored 14 points, 6 goals, and 8 assists.


Where Did Hugh Larkin Start His Hockey Career?

Hugh began showcasing his skills early on by playing for Austin Bruin in the NAHL (North American Hockey League).

Which University Did Hugh Larkin Attend?

Hugh Larkin debuted for West Michigan University, where he continued to hone his hockey skills.

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