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Micah Handlogten Parents: Father Ben And Mother Danielle Handlogten

After getting injured against Auburn, Micah Handlogten cried when he saw his parents in the hospital.

His father, Ben, a former NBA player and Florida’s head coach, consoled him and made him return to his senses.

But there is good news from Micah’s mother, Danielle.

The young basketball player underwent a successful two-hour surgery. Micah’s mother shared this news through her official Twitter handle.

When talking to Florida gators, Micah said that he understands it will be a long healing process. The same article revealed that Micah will return in the next 8-10 months.

But let’s not focus on his injury for a change. Instead, let’s focus on his amazing parents, whose parenting skills have gifted him the strength he requires today.

Key Takeaways

  • Micah Handlogten’s parents, Danielle and Ben, have been instrumental in shaping his character and resilience.
  • Danielle Handlogten, Micah’s mother, is deeply rooted in her Christian faith.
  • Danielle has been a long-standing history teacher at Southlake Christian Academy.

Micah Handlogten Parents Are Youth Leaders At A Local Church

From early childhood, the young athlete was taught to believe in God and trust in hard work. His mother, a firm believer in Christ, taught him the values of Christianity.

Hailing from Northville, Michigan, Michah’s mother, Danielle Handlogten, is a history teacher at Southlake Christian Academy.

Before joining Southlake, she studied for her Master’s degree in secondary education.

Her first encounter with the school was when she came to enroll her 4 children.

At that time, she had revealed to the headmaster that she was interested in teaching.

Months later, the position opened up, and she has been a part of Southlake ever since for more than 20 years.

She is currently an upper school teacher, department head, and director of online summer school at Southlake.

Her three children, including Micah, have graduated from the same school.

Besides that, she is also a youth leader at a Local Church.

Micah’s Father Is A Former NBA Player

Micah will attend the NCAA tournament with his parents to support his team, but did you know his love for the sport comes from his father?

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Micah’s father, Benjamin Louis Handlogten, is a former NBA player who played for the Utah Jazz from 2003 to 2005.

Prior to the NBA, the former basketball player also tried his luck in Greece and Turkey.

In 2001, he won the Turkish Super League with his team Ulkerspor.

After his playing career, the talented athlete became a coach at Southlake Christian Academy, where his wife taught.

In the same academy, he taught Micah the basics of basketball and some advanced rebounding skills.

Due to his teaching, Micah has become one of the best offensive rebounders at the collegiate level.

Ben left his coaching career behind in 2011 and started as an executive at a medical supply company.

Just like his wife, he is also a youth leader in their local church.


What Injury Did Micah Handlogten Sustain?

Micah Handlogten suffered a fractured left leg barely two minutes into the game, abruptly ending his sophomore season and leaving him unable to participate in the 2024 NCAA Tournament.

Will Micah Handlogten Be Able To Participate In The NCAA Tournament Despite His Injury?

Yes, Micah Handlogten and his parents plan to attend the NCAA Tournament to support his teammates despite his inability to play due to his injury.

What Is The Outlook For Micah Handlogten’s Recovery?

Micah Handlogten faces a challenging recovery process, with expectations of 8-10 months for rehabilitation after his surgery.

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