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Magic Johnson Monstars Tweet Showcasing Mixed Emotions

Recently, a video of Magic Johnson disclosing his HIV-positive status in 1991 went viral, sparking new controversy and differing opinions.

Referring to that, Karl Malone, a former NBA player, responded to Magic Johnson’s tweet about the Monstars.

Off the court, Magic became an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness after announcing his HIV-positive status.

After that, he announced his retirement, and then Magic started a business called Magic Johnson Enterprises, demonstrating his entrepreneurial skills and determination to succeed.

Key Takeaways

  • Magic Johnson, born in 1959, grew up in Lansing, Michigan, and became a basketball legend.
  • Magic’s passing skills and towering presence changed the game, earning him the nickname “Magic.” He also won an NCAA championship with Michigan State University in 1979.
  • He won five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, dazzling fans with his amazing passing and leadership.
  • He raised awareness about HIV/AIDS after bravely sharing his diagnosis in 1991.

Magic Johnson tweets disapproval of Monstars’ rejection of his talent

In 2021, Magic Johnson tweeted, “I never understood why the Monstars in Space Jam didn’t want my talent.”

However, as of 2024, the post may have vanished due to controversy.

Following his tweet, the Monstars responded, “We love the talent Magic.. We just… didn’t want the other stuff.”

Why don’t they want me???
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Yet, the conversation took a dark turn when Karl Malone’s sarcastic comment cruelly referenced Magic’s HIV/AIDS diagnosis.

Magic Johnson Scandal On Announcing His HIV Positive

A video of Magic Johnson’s revelation of his HIV-positive status shook the world, leading to a tsunami of reactions. When he bravely announced his diagnosis, he faced a mixture of support and stigma.

Karl Malone’s response, expressing hesitation to play against Magic due to his HIV, reflected the prevailing fear and misunderstanding surrounding the virus.

Johnson’s pain was noticeable as he recounted the hurtful responses, lamenting the lack of understanding and compassion.

His disclosure to his wife, Cookie, was a deeply emotional moment, highlighting the immense difficulty of sharing such news with loved ones.


1. Does Magic Johnson have any children?

Magic Johnson welcomed his first child, Andre, with his ex-girlfriend Melissa Mitchell and two children with his wife Earlitha “Cookie” Johnson: son EJ, who is 31 years old, and a daughter Elisa, who is 29.

2. When did Magic Johnson retire?

Magic Johnson retired on November 7, 1991, after announcing that he was HIV-positive and immediately retired from the sport.

3. How wealthy is the former professional basketball player?

According to Forbes, Magic Johnson’s net worth is $1.2 billion.

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