NCAA Wrestler Peyton Robb Parents: Father Tracey And Mother Carrie Robb

peyton robb parents
Peyton Robb parents played a significant role in his recovery.

As the NCAA Wrestler Peyton Robb returns after fighting the severe flesh-eating bacterial infection, queries arise about how his parents and family supported his recovery.

Peyton Robb’s parents, mother Carrie Robb and father Tracey Robb have always supported him in his highs and lows.

Key Takeaways

  • Peyton Robb had a life-threatening illness called “necrotizing fasciitis,” which not only brought his career at risk but his life as a whole.
  • After a painful healing journey, he is finally returning, and he acknowledges his parents’ and siblings’ consistent faith and efforts.
  • In addition, his sister and brother also have an affinity for sports, just like him.

Besides his wrestling career, Robb is in his senior year, majoring in Nutrition and Health Sciences.

Robb was critically ill with acute heart and kidney failure, and consequently, he had to undergo a total of six surgeries, including the one to remove the dead tissue in his leg, followed by a skin graft.

Despite all this, he can still wrestle, which is a miracle, and he is considered one of the country’s top-ranked wrestlers.

Peyton Robb Credits His Parents For His Recovery And Comeback

Peyton Robb was born to Tracey and Carrie Robb on 29th January 2000 in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Tracey and Carrie Robb have been married for 26, and their wedding date is 25th April.

After he was diagnosed with a life-threatening skin condition called “necrotizing fasciitis” on his leg, he found himself surrounded by immense worry and care from his entire family.

His parents have supported him since he was a child, and even when he turned 26, they didn’t leave him alone.

Instead, they decided to be an integral part of his recovery journey. As health comes first, they prioritized his well-being without prioritizing his professional career.

Peyton’s father, Tracey Robb, goes by the username trobb29 on Instagram. He loves to post about his family, with a significant number of posts dedicated to Peyton.

Rob expresses his love and affection through captions and social media posts.

He has shown maximum support to his children’s physical growth and fitness, proving that he is a responsible dad who always keeps his children first before his happiness.

Based on their active engagement on Instagram and the love they have portrayed for one another, the Robb household appears to be tightly bonded.

Additionally, Peyton’s mother has an Instagram account named carrierobb25. However, she has kept the handle private, hinting that she entertains only a few selective people in her private life.

The young wrestler expressed his unconditional love for his father by sharing his childhood photo on Father’s Day. He captioned the post,

Wrestling me before I knew what wrestling was, Happy Father’s Day

The post signifies how vital his father is in his life.

In an interview with the Lincoln journal star, Tracey, with tears in his eyes, mentioned he was pleased that his son was lucky enough to make a comeback this season in good health.

Moreover, he stated that seeing him play his best made him more proud than ever.

Peyton reacted emotionally, saying his tears were making him tear up, too, as the thing that mattered the most to him was his father’s approval.

Peyton’s Little Brother Gabe Is Also Receiving Training To Be A Wrestler

Peyton Robb grew up with his three brothers, Gabe, Cael, and Kade.

According to the photo posted on Tracey’s Instagram handle, Gabe was receiving training from one of the best coaches back in 2017 to become a future husky.

However, recent updates on the subject are not available whether he is continuing the training.

He also has a sister named Hannah Robb, a digital creator who creates creative content for stolafathletics.

Moreover, she was selected as a member of the All-WIAC volleyball team, showcasing the athletic ability that runs in their blood.

However, not much information is available on each one of them.


When Did Peyton Robb Start Wrestling?

He wrestled for the first time at Owatonna High School in Owatonna, Minnesota.

When Did Robb First Participate In The NCAA Championships?

He participated in the Junior level NCAA Championships in the season 2022-23.

How Much Does The NCAA Wrestler Weigh?

The NCAA wrestler tips the scales at 157 pounds.


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