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George Russell And Fernando Alonso Relationship: Accusation And Penalty In Australia

After the recent crash in Australia, fans are buzzing about the kind of relationship George Russell and Fernando Alonso had in the past.

In a very tight game, George was chasing Alonso for many laps following the final pit stop.

And towards the Turn 6/7 complex, Russell lost his control and went on to hit the barriers.

Fortunately, Russell came out from his Mercedes in time, avoiding severe injuries.

Just before the crash, there was something odd, Fernando had slowed down his Aston Martin, which is believed to have caused the crash.

In a Driver’s championship, both were competing very closely. After the crash, George finished the race and ended with 0 points.

Now, the gap between the two players is just 2 points. Due to this fact, some fans believe that the crash was intentional.

Was the crash intentional, or was it just an honest mistake? We will never know.

However, both racers have given their point of view on the crash, and Alonso was also penalized for the mistake.

Before discussing their remarks and penalties, let’s learn about the relationship between the two racers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite being on-track rivals, George Russell and Fernando Alonso maintain a close friendship off the circuit.
  • Both Russell and Alonso have had Lewis Hamilton as a teammate at different points in their careers.
  • Following a controversial crash in the 2024 F1 season, Russell and Alonso offered contrasting perspectives on the incident.

George Russell And Fernando Alonso Celebrate New Year Together

Even though Russell and Alonso are rivals in the circuit, they have managed to maintain a good friendship off the circuit.

For the past two years, they have celebrated New Year’s together. First, in 2023, both racers appeared together at a party.

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Later, in 2024, fans learned from Russell’s Instagram post that Fernando was also with him.

Both racers seem to have set a tradition to celebrate New Year together.

Besides that, George Russell has admired Alonso from his Formula 3 days.

Back in 2023, he revealed that he changed his mindset a little after hearing a podcast of Alonso.

Russell said he started enjoying the race a little more when he heard Alonso say:

If he could change one thing in his career, he wishes he enjoyed the moment more often when he was younger.

Their close relationship was even more apparent when both racers shared a flight in January.

George And Fernando Both Have Had Lewis Hamilton As A Teammate

There is also another common link that joins George and Fernando together.

At one point, both racers got Lewis Hamilton as a teammate.

During the 2007 F1 season, Fernando and Lewis were on the same team, a.k.a McLaren.

On the other hand, George is Lewis’s current teammate. Both are the aces of Mercedes.

George And Fernando Have Different Points of View On Crash

We all came to know that both athletes are pretty close friends off the field. However, regarding the recent case, they offer a different point of view.

In an interview, Fernando claimed that he had issues with the pace on all the laps and was focusing on his race. He says he was not intending to do any foul play.

Fernando claims that he couldn’t focus on the cars behind. Due to the problem on the battery, he slowed down.

On the other hand, George has a different opinion regarding his crash.

George claimed he was half a second behind, and Fernando dramatically slowed up and regained pace, causing the accident.

In an interview, George said,

I don’t know if he’s got a problem or not, we’re off to the stewards so that’s a bit bizarre in a circumstance like this. But I’ve got nothing more to say right now, I need to see everything and just a bit disappointed to end the race like that.

After the race, both went to see the steward.

Stewards claimed it was a disruptive style of play and gave Fernando a 20-second penalty.


Is There Any Evidence To Suggest That The Crash Involving George Russell And Fernando Alonso Was Intentional?

While some fans speculate that the crash was intentional due to the close championship standings, there is no concrete evidence to support such claims. Both drivers have provided their perspectives, and the incident remains subject to interpretation.

How Do George Russell And Fernando Alonso’s Off-track Friendship Influence Their On-track Rivalry?

Despite competing fiercely on the circuit, their relationship off the track demonstrates mutual respect and admiration. However, in competitive environments like Formula 1, their friendship doesn’t necessarily affect the intensity of their on-track battles.

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