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Terrion Arnold Sister: Who Is Jhanna Arnold? Wikipedia And Age

Terrion Arnold, the Alabama cornerback, is heading into the 2024 NFL Draft, shifting attention to his personal life and who his sister is.

Terrion, the remarkable defender with a complete skill set, has a younger sister named Jhanna Arnold.

Key Takeaways

  • Terrion Arnold sister, Jhanna Arnold, is in elementary school in the second grade.
  • Jhanna Arnold appears to be a massive fan of footballer Jalen Milroe.
  • She is gradually growing up, and her interests, such as getting dressed up, align with those of other girls her age.

Arnold’s key strengths are his polished and well-sought technique and ball skills, which aid him in approaching the opponent and tackling.

In the 2023 season, he wasn’t believed to be his team’s top corner prospect but improved gradually and was finally selected in the 2024 NFL draft.

The tenaciousness and dedication he demonstrated over the past year document him as a complete package: passionate and never giving up on his dream.

Jhanna Arnold, Terrian Arnold Sister, Is The Source Of Happiness In The Arnold Household

Terrion Arnold was born to Tamala Arnold in Tallahassee, Florida, and she raised her three children as a single mother through uncountable hardships.

Tamala likes calling herself a supermom of three.

Jhanna Arnold is the youngest daughter of the Arnold family; she is loved and cherished by her mother and two elder brothers.

According to the photo posted on Tamala’s Twitter handle, Jhanna turned 3 on 21st June 2020, and she captioned the post,

Happy 3rd Birthday to our beautiful and gorgeous daughter Jhanna J

. You are so full of life and have made everyday brighter since coming into our lives. We love you

Based on this, Jhanna will turn 7 years old this 2024.

As her mother proudly says, she is the sunshine of the family who has brought happiness and positivity into their lives with her innocence and loving nature.

Besides this, in a video, Jhanna was spotted cutely tapping the arms of the football player Jalen Milroe.

She looked happy and wanted a friendly hug from the footballer which hints that she has been his fan for a while.

Then, after sharing glances, Jhanna smiled and walked away.

If that weren’t the case, she would barely notice his presence. After the video surfaced online, people were eager to know if she liked Jalen more than her brother Terrain.

Although Terrian Arnold has not openly talked about his younger sister, his actions and heartwarming photos posted on Tamala’s Instagram handle speak heaps about their close bond.

Currently, Jhanna is in second grade at school.

Moreover, with each passing year, she is getting prettier and becoming a better person.

She loves dressing up for events; recently, she was dressed as Wednesday Adams, looking extremely beautiful.

Before that, she was seen dolled up in pink, hinting that she considers pink her soulful color.

This highlights that she can embark on the journey of becoming a fashion designer after she grows up.

After her brother Terroin Arnold came into the limelight, fans have grown curious about Jhanna, too, and they cannot wait to see her bloom into a beautiful young lady in the coming years.


What Is The Age Gap Between Terrion Arnold And His Sister Jhanna Arnold?

They have an age gap of 14 years.

What Is The Relationship Between Kristen Saben And Terrion Arnold?

Terrion shares a special bond with Kristen and considers her like his sister. They are very affectionate toward each other and keep rooting on Social media handles.

Where Was Jhanna Arnold Born?

She and her elder brothers were born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida.

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