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Ben Whittaker Tattoo: Spots A Whitebeard Tattoo On His Back

After his spectacular victory over Khalid Graidia, Ben Whittaker has been a hot topic in boxing. The young man is soon returning to the ring.

Although it has been over a month since his last match against Graidia, Ben’s showboating theatric is still the talk of the town.

Fans are eager to see which unique move the boxer will come up with in his next match.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ben Whittaker’s fans were in for a surprise after he showcased a gigantic tattoo on his back.
  • Ben Whittaker loves anime and has watched many of them.
  • The professional boxer’s father and brother are also fans of anime. The father-son trio watched the series together.

Away from the ring, Ben recently signed a deal with the London-based company B-Engage. He is now the British ambassador for Diesel Fragrances.

Also, did you know Whittaker is an Olympian? He was a silver medalist at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Ben Whittaker Has An Interesting Whitebeard Tattoo On His Back

It’s not uncommon to see athletes getting heavily tatted in the sports. Tattoos have become a way of expressing someone’s personality.

Ben Whittaker also has many tattoos on his body, some of which are more unique than you would have thought.

For instance, the professional boxer has a massive Whitebeard tattoo on his back. He got it done in July 2023 by the tattoo artist Duran.

Ben Whittaker Tattoo
Ben Whittaker has a huge Whitebeard tattoo. (Source: Instagram)

To those who don’t know, Ben is a huge anime fan and has often talked about it. His Whitebeard tattoo showcases a large skull with a mustache and vertically arranged crossbones.

Whittaker also has the ASCE tattoo on the back of his arm. He was inspired by the One Piece character Portuguese D. Ace for this tattoo.

Ace had the vertical ASCE tattoo on his upper left bicep. According to Sportskeeda, each letter in ASCE symbolizes something.

For starters, A means Ace, S stands for Sabo, and C is for crybaby (many assume it to be Luffy). Finally, E represents Ace’s father figure and mentor, Edward Newgate.

Ben Whittaker Has A Full Sleeve Tattoo On His Left Arm

If you thought Ben’s anime craze was limited to his Whitebeard and ASCE design, wait until you hear about his arm tattoos.

The guy has a full-sleeve tattoo on his left arm that is solely anime characters. They are beautifully drawn and carry significant meanings.

Ben Whittaker’s father introduced him to anime. He started by watching Dragon Ball Z and now watches almost everything.

Returning to Ben’s arm tattoos, he has the iconic scene from Itachi Uchiha vs. Sasuke Uchiha battle tattooed on his tricep. This body art has a special place in the boxer’s heart.

Sasuke only learns about Itachi’s sacrifices after his demise in the anime.

Likewise, Ben shared he only realized how much his brother had done for him after growing up. So, his tricep tattoo is a homage to his sibling.

Next, Whittaker has another One Piece character, Vito’s image, tattooed on his forearm. On their opposites are Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto.

Ben has a tattoo of Ippo Makunouchi, a protagonist of the boxing anime Hajime no Ippo, at the top of his arm.

In addition, the boxer has tattoos on the inside of his right forearm and right leg.

These designs only add to Whittaker’s charm. He proudly displays his tattoos on social media.


Where Is Ben Whittaker From?

Ben Whittaker is originally from West Bromwich, England.

Who Trained Ben Whittaker?

Ben Whittaker has trained under Anthony Wilson, Joby Clayton, and SugarHill Steward.

What Weight Class Is Ben Whittaker In?

Ben Whittaker competes in the light heavyweight division.

What Is Ben Whittaker’s Boxing Record?

Ben Whittaker remains undefeated with a 6-0 boxing record, including five knockouts.

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