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Tyron Smith Ranking – Disrespected?

When he came into the league in 2011, Tyron Smith had impressive metrics along with his technique and drive. 6’5”, 307 lbs, 36 3/8” arm length, 11” hand size, 4.93 40-yard dash, 1.69 10-yard split, 7.47 three-cone drill, 9’1” broad jump, and 31 reps on the bench press even with those long arms. A proto-type LT for the NFL.

A perennial all-pro until the recurring injury in 2020 caused him to miss almost the entire season. PFF recently gave Tyron Smith a ranking of 22 on their list of offensive tackles, which is a massive drop for a consistent Top-10 player. How is Smith taking it?

Tyron Smith Ranking – Backstory

Smith reportedly injured his neck just as he came into the league. At first, the neck injury resulted in repetitive stingers. Then over the last few seasons, Smith began losing strength in his left arm. Playing through the problems, the all-pro seasons continued.

Smith excelled, plateaued, and then began a slow decline, compensating for his physical drop-off with experience and technique.

He is still a highly influential player but not as dominating as before when his strength, speed, quickness, understanding, and instincts all came together to make him one of, if not the best, LT in the NFL.

He was still performing at an all-pro level when his 2020 injury hit the Cowboy’s training staff, and Smith decided it was no longer worth it to keep trying to play through it. Corrective surgery was needed, and the prognosis for correction was good. After 2 games the 2020 season was history.

Tyron Smith Ranking – Reasoning

PFF released their annual rankings, and they placed Smith in the middle of the pack. Their reasoning isn’t bad; it’s just incomplete.

PFF fails to consider that Smith was playing at an all-pro level with 1/2 of an arm on his left side. He wasn’t able to work out, his back was wonky, and life was not good, but still, he performed. Coupled with the results of the surgery and how it has affected Smith’s offseason preparation, I predict the opposite of what PFF has. I look for Smith to return to top-10 status this season. Maybe higher.

Tyron Smith Ranking – Where We Are Now

Smith is “stronger now than at any time he’s been in the league.” That is scary news to hear about a guy who has the rep, “If he gets his hands on you, it’s over.” Smith goes on to explain that now that the neck is fixed, his back is sweet, and he is finally able to fully work out for the first time in years.

All of this has combined to give him increased mobility, quickness, and comfort in his day-to-day drills and activities. His teammates and coaches report he is “throwing weights around” quickly and has regularly participated in off-season activities.

To add more good news, La’El Collins, the boys ‘starting RT, is also back from injury and participating in the off-season activities. Good players on the line make it better for everyone.

The reports don’t sound like someone limping around. They sound like a 31-year-old LT in his prime physically but with 10 years of NFL experience. They sound like a recipe for getting mauled to death on running-downs and tossed aside like a rag doll on passing-downs for those that oppose him.

They sound like a return to dominance, a power-left running game with Ezekiel Elliott with an LT that can do damage at the first and second levels. They sound like Dak Prescott with blind-side protection he can rely on. The reports sound like a very good year for the Cowboys’ offensive line.

Smith is reportedly taking it all in stride, but motivation is the home turf of the elite-level athlete. Look for Tyron Smith to have a monster season and the Cowboys’ line to regain their place in the NFL’s top-tier units.

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