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Jhoan Duran Wife Aida: 3 Kids And Family

It will be a tough season for the Minnesota Twins as its three key players, Jhoan Duran, Caleb Thielbar, and Anthony DeSclafani, are on the injured list. Jhoan recently suffered a moderate oblique strain.

Duran has been a familiar face in baseball since 2015. He began his career with the Dominican Summer League Diamondbacks.

The sportsman moved to Arizona Diamondbacks, Missoula Osprey, and Hillsboro Hops before joining the Twins in 2018.

Jhoan climbed through MiLB teams, Cedar Rapids Kernels and Fort Myers Miracle, before making his MLB debut on April 8, 2022.

As of this writing, he has secured five wins and ten losses in 116 games. Duran is one of the excellent players in the Twins.

Key Takeaways

  • Jhoan Duran’s wife prefers a secretive lifestyle.
  • Jhoan Duran is blessed with three little ones.
  • Jhoan Duran hasn’t disclosed much about his marital life.

A Secret To Happy Marriage: Jhoan Duran Is Married To Wife Aida

Behind every successful man is a woman; in Jhoan’s case, that person is his wife, Aida Duran. She motivates and supports him in everything he does.

While Jhoan’s professional achievements are like an open book, his marital story is discrete. He has yet to share how he met his partner and about their relationship.

Likewise, the couple hasn’t disclosed when they got married. However, it seems they have been together for several years now.

Jhoan Duran’s wife appears to be private. She isn’t active on social media but is often featured on her husband’s Instagram.

Being a player’s wife, Aida understands the pressure and struggles that come with it.

While Jhoan is often away from home to play baseball, she takes care of their kids and manages the household.

Aida Duran also attends her husband’s matches and was present when he graduated from the Twins Academy on January 30, 2019.

The MLB player posts sweet captions, often thanking god for his family. His love for his spouse is palpable on his face.

Jhoan Duran Is A Father Of 3 Kids

Jhoan and his wife Aida are proud parents of three adorable children, Ray, Amy, and Jacob Duran.

Like his wife, Jhoan Duran’s kids lead a low-key lifestyle, avoiding the media. He rarely talks about them in his interviews.

Still from what we could find, Jhoan Duran’s daughter, Amy Duran, is his middle child, while Ray and Jacob are his oldest and youngest.

Jhoan Duran Kids
Jhoan Duran has welcomed three kids, Ray, Amy, and Jacob, with his wife, Aida Duran. (Source: Instagram)

Duran occasionally posts family pictures on social media, showcasing their strong bond. His kids are growing up well under his and his wife, Amy’s nurturing.

As Jhoan continues to improve his gameplay, he has become an inspiration for many young athletes. We might even see one of his children following in his footsteps in baseball in the future.

The Twins’ pitcher has had a rough start this season with a sudden injury. Jhoan might recover early and return to competing, or he might not be able to participate in the ongoing MLB matches.


How Many Saves Does Jhoan Duran Have?

Jhoan Duran has secured 23 saves in 27 opportunities.

What Is Jhoan Duran’s MLB Stats?

Jhoan Duran has scored 2.15 ERA, 4.7 WAR, 130.0 innings pitched, 173 strikeouts, and 1.054 WHIP.

How Much Does Jhoan Duran Weigh?

Jhoan Duran weighs 230 lb and stands at 6′ 5.”

Where is Jhoan Duran’s Family From?

Jhoan Duran’s family is originally from Esperanza, Dominican Republic.

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