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Haji Wright Parents: Mother Serena Wright And Father

The second goal by Haji Wright took the USA to the CONCACAF nations league final; his parents must be proud of this sensational talent.

Haji Wright was born and raised in the United States, but his parents weren’t originally from there.

His father was originally from Ghana.

Besides that, there is no other information available about Haji’s father. The prolific scorer’s dad likes to live away from the limelight.

On the other hand, his mother, Serena Wright, was originally from Liberia, which makes Haji’s ethnicity to be mixed.

But did you know Haji has a brother who is also a soccer player, and his mom helped him in shaping his career?

If not, then let’s get into the topic right away.

Key takeaways:

  • Haji Wright, a talented soccer player born and raised in the United States, has Ghanaian and Liberian heritage.
  • Haji’s soccer journey began in his childhood, when he and his brother, Hanif, showed early interest and talent in the sport, often breaking household items while playing.
  • With support from his mother, Serena, Haji pursued opportunities in soccer, eventually playing in German leagues and representing the U.S. national team.

Haji Wright And His Brother Broke Glasses When They Were Children

From early childhood, Haji and his brother Hanif had picked up an interest in soccer.

While recalling the boys, Haji’s mother, Selena, said that they would often dribble their ball from the backyard to the bedroom.

She even revealed that the boys would often shatter the window’s glasses. Funnily, at one point, they even managed to break the glasses of their TV screen.

Selena even offered her kids to play with the softer balls, but they wouldn’t agree to her demands.

To nurture his soccer skills, Serena made Haji join a recreational league when he was about 7 years old.

After seeing his talents in the league, he became the talk of the town.

Soon, clubs wanted him, and he started getting invited to summer camps. Before Serena knew it, people talked about opportunities in Europe and overseas.

While talking about those days, She said:

It all happened fast and didn’t seem normal.

His talents were then noticed by L.A. Galaxy Youth Academy, where he played with Christian Pulisic.

But his mother knew that Haji had to take his game to the next level and needed an environment that focused on soccer.

So, she allowed Haji to go and play in German leagues. In the meantime, Serena helped his son with basic things like getting a driver’s certification and so on.

After playing in Germany for a couple of seasons, he hoped to eventually be called up to play for the U.S. national team.

However, after not getting calls from the team, he started panicking.

And that’s when he remembered his mother’s advice :

All these experiences are going to lead you to where you need to be.

Since then, Haji has tried to give his absolute best for the team and has represented U.S.A for more than 7 times.

Haji Isn’t The Only Athlete In His Family

There is no doubt that Haji’s mother played an important role in shaping Haji’s career.

But another superstar in the family will also make headlines in the upcoming time.

It is non-other than, Haji’s partner in crime while shattering glasses, a.k.a his brother Hanif.

Hanif has represented the U.S.A. on U-19 levels.

Although his current whereabouts are unknown, we can be assured that he is harnessing his skills and will soon make his name.

Besides that, he also had an athlete uncle, Mark Gibson, who played for the Liberian National team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Clubs Has Haji Wright Played For?

Haji Wright has played for several clubs throughout his career, including New York Cosmos, Schalke 04, VVV-Venlo, SønderjyskE, Antalyaspor, and Coventry City.

What Positions Does Haji Wright Play?

Haji Wright primarily plays as a forward or winger.

Which National Teams Has Haji Wright Represented?

Haji Wright has represented the United States national team at various levels, including the senior team.

When Did Haji Wright Make His Professional Debut?

Haji Wright made his professional debut with the New York Cosmos in 2015.

Has Haji Wright Participated In Any Major International Tournaments?

Yes, Haji Wright played for the United States at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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