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Who Are Rodney And Michelle Anderson? Dylan Disu Parents And Family Ethnicity

Dylan Disu’s parents have been his proud supporters and a source of inspiration throughout his basketball journey.

Disu defeated the basketball court during high school, instructing his team to back-to-back District 13-6A titles and earning the prestigious MVP honors.

Though he had a knee injury during his sophomore year at Vanderbilt, he continued playing, becoming the SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

Key Takeaways

  • Dylan Disu’s mom, Michelle Anderson, is a real estate broker and owns her own business.
  • Dylan’s family probably comes from the Yoruba group in Nigeria, which means they have connections to the country’s culture and history in West Africa.
  • Michelle runs two shops: one in forensic accounting and the other selling hemp products.

This recognition opened the door for Disu to transfer to his dream school, the University of Texas. Disu’s parents have always been there for him.

His parents have stayed beside him through all of Disu’s good times and tough times, providing continuous support and care and feeling proud of his achievements.

Disu’s dad, Rodney Anderson, shares his son’s achievements on his Facebook account, showing the world how proud he is of Disu.

Rodney Anderson shares his son’s achievements on Facebook and enjoys spreading joy through comedy and jokes. He often shares funny videos and jokes, adding a touch of humor to his Facebook feed.

Dylan Disu’s Mother, Michelle Anderson, Is A Real Estate Broker And Business Owner

Dylan Disu’s mother, Michelle Anderson, is experienced in helping people with commercial real estate investments.

She’s been doing it for a while and has a good track record. She also has a finance and business development background, and she enjoys real estate. In 2017, she worked on a sports complex project.

Now, she focuses on helping people with land development and master-planned communities as part of Beck-Reit Commercial Real Estate.

Michelle is well-respected in her industry and even serves on the board of directors for the Central Texas Commercial Association of Realtors.

In addition to her real estate work, Michelle is an entrepreneur, running a forensic accounting firm and a retail hemp store. She’s also a dedicated wife and mom.

Michelle Anderson went to Johnston Senior High School for her high school education and then studied at William Penn University, where she played basketball and volleyball. Her achievements in sports might have motivated her son to be interested in sports too.

Dylan Disu’s Family Has Mixed Ethnicity

Dylan Disu’s father, Rondy Anderson, might have his family roots traced to Nigeria and might belong to African ethnicity.

Even though their last name is “Anderson,” which is more common in places like Georgetown, Texas, where Rondy grew up later, they might have changed their Surname from Disu to Anderson.

Dylan’s surname is ” Akeem Disu,” of Yoruba origin and mainly associated with the Yoruba people of Nigeria, West Africa. Therefore, “Disu” is usually associated with individuals of Yoruba ethnicity or African descent.

Michelle Anderson Schlenker Dylan’s mom might have some family roots in Germany. Her surname, “Schlenker,” comes from an old German word that means “to swing” or “to dangle.” it was often used to describe someone tall or walking with a swaying motion.

So, “Schlenker” probably started as a nickname for a tall person, and over time, it became a last name passed down in families.


How Old Is Dylan Disu?

Dylan Disu, born November 12, 2000, in Austin, Texas, U.S., is currently 23 years old as of 2024.

Does Dylan Disu Have Siblings?

Dylan Disu has one older step-sister, Breonna Anderson, two younger twin sisters, Megan and Madison Disu, and one younger brother, Aidan Disu.

Is Dylan Disu Active On Social Media Platforms?

Dylan Disu is active on Instagram.

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