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USC Kayla Padilla Parents Ian Padilla And Joy Padilla

Kayla Padilla’s parents attend almost all games and are her biggest supporters. She is a second-generation Filipino American.

What a fantastic match it was for the USC Trojans in the second round of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

The team scored an impressive victory with 73-55 over Kansas Jayhawks. Among the cheering members was USC guard Kayla Padilla.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kayla Padilla’s father and mother are her most extensive support system. They have left no stone unturned regarding her budding basketball career.
  • Kayla Padilla grew up in a loving household with a sister and a brother.
  • The USC athlete is proud of her Asian heritage and incorporates Filipino culture in her sports journey.

This is Padilla’s first season at USC, and her future looks promising.

If the recent victory is any indication, Kayla and her team will continue upsetting other NCAA women’s basketball teams in the coming rounds.

Kayla Padilla’s Parents Traveled Across The Country For Her Basketball Game

The USC guard was born to her loving parents, Ian Padilla and Joy Padilla. She grew up in the basketball-obsessed city of Torrance, California.

So, it was easy for Kayla to develop an interest in the sport from a young age. She began playing at four and started competing in third grade.

Kayla Padilla’s parents traveled across the country with her to participate in a basketball tournament.

They ensured she had everything she needed, including coaches and training for her basketball journey.

Kayla’s mom, Joy, also once interviewed about her athletic journey.

She talked about Homecourt coach Jared Lloyd’s influence on her daughter’s journey and success.

The USC athlete also has two siblings, Ava Padilla and Jordan Padilla. They attended her latest March Madness match and filmed her performance.

Kayla Padilla Is Proud Of Her Filipino Heritage

Kayla is one of the few Asian American players in the NCAA division. As such, the athlete incorporates her Filipino culture in her basketball pursuit.

Padilla first collaborated with her coach, Lloyd, and launched her merchandise line. Her products’ designs included blue and red colors and elements of the Filipino Flag.

The sportsperson also proudly talks about her heritage on and off the stage. She strives to inspire other Filipinos who dream of reaching and playing in the NCAA division.

I’m so cognizant that I’m not in the position I am today without everything that being a Filipino has brought me and enabled me to be in the position I am today

From The Daily Pennsylvanian

Thanks to her hard work and determination, the collegiate athlete has come far. In the coming days, she will continue to be a role model for young fans.


Which High School Did Kayla Padilla Go To?

Kayla Padilla attended Bishop Montgomery High School. She was a four-year starter and three-time team captain at her school.

What Are Kayla Padilla’s Basketball Stats?

Kayla Padilla has recorded 8.0 points, 1.9 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and 44.4 FG%

Is Kayla Padilla Eligible For The WNBA Draft?

Ms. Padilla is listed in Beyond Women’s Sports’ 2024 WNBA Draft Preview.

Who Is Kayla Padilla’s Boyfriend?

Kayla Padilla’s boyfriend is Brandon Osorio. The pair have been dating since 2019.

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