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Is Chauncey Wiggins Related To Andrew Wiggins? Are They Brothers?

Chauncey Wiggins and Andrew Wiggins are unrelated except for their career alignment as basketball players and the same surnames.

As Chauncey Wiggins plays in the ongoing March Madness within Clemson and Andrew Wiggins has come to the spotlight for his breathtaking performance, fans are intrigued to know if Chauncey is related to Andrew Wiggins.

Key Takeaways

  • Chauncey Wiggins and Andrew Wiggins are neither brothers nor are they related professionally.
  • They were born and raised in different places, indicating a difference in culture and heritage with no connection as distant relatives.
  • In addition, the only similarity they share is that both belong to a family of athletic roots, and both their parents possess extraordinary athletic potential. 

Chauncey told The Clemson Insider that his entire team will perform more calmly as they prepare to play on Sunday.

Andrew Wiggins, a Canadian basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, scored 17 points in the Warriors Heat.

In 2022, Andrew won his first NBA Championship and was named a Western Conference Starter when he was selected for the NBA All-Star game.

Chauncey Wiggins is a sophomore player of Clemson Tigers. He has impressive forward skills and an excellent size for his position.

A versatile player who plays with a spread floor on offense completed the season shooting 44.4 percent from the floor, 40 percent from three, and 66.7 percent at the foul line.

Chauncey Wiggins And Andrew Wiggins Are Not Brothers

Chauncey and Andrew have nothing in common besides sharing their last name and starting their basketball journeys at a young age.

The fans’ queries about whether they are brothers have been answered, and to their disappointment, they are not brothers.

When searching on Google about Chauncey Wiggins’s brother, the first name that pops up is Andrew Wiggins, explaining why speculations arose about them being blood-related.

However, they are not related in any way, neither personally nor professionally.

They have likely not crossed paths in their professional careers, considering they play at different levels. Andrew plays for the NBA, while Chauncey plays at the collegiate level for the NCAA.

Similarly, they have a significant age gap of 8 years; Andrew turns 29 years old this 2024 while Chauncey is just 21 years old.

On the one hand, Andrew was born in Toronto, Ontario, and raised in the suburbs of Thornhill, Ontario. On the other hand, Chauncey was born and raised in Loganville, Georgia, in the US.

As they come from two entirely different heritage, they do not have any association in terms of ethnicity or familial connection, even as distant relatives, despite sharing the same surname.

Andrew Wiggins And Chauncey Wiggins Both Have Athletic Familial Roots

Both Andrew and Chauncey Wiggins come from an athletic family, and they inherited their sports potential from their athletic parents.

One of the significant similarities they share is that they have parents who have achieved significant milestones in basketball.

Notably, they developed their affinity and passion for basketball, inspired by their parents’ achievements and enthusiasm for carrying on the family traditions.

In a podcast, Chauncey opened up about the athletic history of his father, Michael Wiggins, who played for Wichita State.

Chauncey mentioned how his dad, Michael, wanted him to work on his shooting form so that he would not have Michael’s weaknesses while he played.

He added that his mother, LaWaynta Dawson Wiggins, started her basketball journey playing in an outstanding tournament for Missouri State, where she was inducted as a 6-1 forward.

As his parents knew he had potential in basketball, he was pushed to do better since elementary school, for which he is grateful as a collegiate basketball player.

Similarly, Andrew Wiggin’s father, Mitchell Lee Wiggins, is a former professional basketball player who was the shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets.

Moreover, his mother, Marita Payne-Wiggins, is a former track and field sprinter who won two silver medals for Canada at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Their successful athletic careers significantly influenced Andrew’s development and his inclination to pursue basketball as a career.

Thus, they are not blood-related but share similar athletic backgrounds from different familial roots.


Does Andrew Wiggins Have Siblings?

Yes, he has five siblings: three sisters and two brothers. His brothers, Nick Wiggins and Mitchell Jr. are professional basketball players.

When Did Andrew’s Career As A Basketball Player Commence?

Although he started playing basketball at age 9, his career began after he was selected as the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

What Did Chauncey Wiggins Do Before Joining Clemson Tigers?

Before he signed with the Clemson Tigers, he played for his high school, Loganville, Grayson, where he was ranked the fourth-best player in the class of 2022.

In The 2022-23 Season, Chauncey Appeared In How Many Games?

He appeared in a total of 27 games, all from the Tiger bench, and averaged 8.9 minutes per game.

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