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Grant McCasland Parents: Father Roger McCasland And Mother Linda McCasland

Grant McCasland, known for coaching the Texas Tech Red Raiders, started as a standout player at Baylor University. With supportive parents, McCasland enjoyed comfort and freedom to pursue his coaching dreams.

Grant’s father was his biggest supporter. He even visited and observed his every practice match, cheering him up even in practice sessions.

Key Takeaways

  • Thanks to his parents’ support, Grant McCasland went from playing basketball at Baylor to coaching at Texas Tech.
  • His parents, Roger and Linda, are key to his coaching success, instilling values and attending games.
  • Grant and Cece McCasland enjoy parenthood with four kids, sharing family moments, and celebrating milestones on Instagram.

From Northeastern JC to North Texas, Grant built a successful coaching career, earning championships and accolades along the way.

McCasland’s passion for basketball shines through, guiding teams to victory and earning him the title of Conference USA Coach of the Year in 2020.

Now at Texas Tech, he continues his journey, aiming to lead the Red Raiders to even greater heights.

Meet Grant McCasland’s Parents, Dad Roger McCasland And Mom Linda McCasland

Grant McCasland, the head coach for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, owes much of his success to his parents, Roger and Linda McCasland.

He has always been grateful for their support, especially recalling his mother’s toughness and his father’s strong dedication, even attending every practice during Grant’s six years at UNT.

Their love and loyalty mirror the values Grant instills in his teams. At games, they proudly sit in the front row, beaming proudly.

Grant often expresses his appreciation for them on his Instagram, celebrating their 47th anniversary in 2020, now marking 51 years of marriage in 2024.

Additionally, both his parents have Instagram accounts (@rogermccasland and @lindamccasland), where they share exclusive family footage.

Grant emphasizes that it’s the people and community, not just the facilities, that make Texas Tech unique, showing the deep impact his parents have had on his life and career.

Grant and Cece McCasland: The Joy of Parenthood with Four Children

Grant and his wife, Cece, have four lovely children: daughters Amaris and Jersey and sons Jett and Beckett.

Grant always wishes his children happy birthdays on Instagram. His daughter Jersey was born in October. Speaking of birthdays, Cece’s birthday is December 7th.

The couple often shares precious moments of their children growing up. Fans have commented on how well they’ve grown since they were just kids.

“Every milestone and memory with our kids is a treasure we hold dear. Their laughter fills our home with endless joy, making every day brighter.”

“As we watch them grow, our hearts overflow with pride and love for our four amazing children.”


1. Is Grant McCasland a good coach?

He has earned honors like NJCAA District Coach of the Year twice, which shows his skill and dedication to coaching basketball.

2. How old is Grant McCasland?

Grant McCasland is 47 years old, born in 1976.

3. How tall is Grant McCasland?

Grant is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and he has played in the major leagues for four seasons.

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