#1: James Harden Turnovers

The Beard had 5 Turnovers in a very Russell Westbrook performance that also saw him go 5-14 from the field. His +/- was -15 and was a liability on the court. 


Ja Morant went 7 for 11 in the 3rd and put the Grizzlies up by 28 as the Nets went cold. He started the surge with this monster dunk. 

#3: Grizzlies rebounding

Memphis had 29 second-chance points to Brooklyn's 3 while out-rebounding them 66-33. Steven Adams finished with 12 RBDS and 5 assists, dominating the boards all night. 

#4: Nets Shooting

When KD and Harden combine for 13-38, its going to be a tough night. The Nets need to have a 3rd shooter besides Joe Harris they can rely on for games like these. 

#5 Bane's physicality

Nets didn't seem to have an answer for Desmond Bane's strength when driving to the lane. Griffin and KD were flat-footed, while smaller players got bullied.