Cheat Sheet

Week 17


Top 5  Tight Ends

1. Travis Kelce 2. George Kittle 3. Marc Andrews 4. Rob Gronkowski 5. Dallas Goedert

Kelce and Kittle have been swapping positions all season with Marc Andrews a consistent #3. Gronk has been there every week and Dallas Goedert is coming of age.



WR Top 5

1. Cooper Kupp 2. Davante Adams 3. Justin Jefferson 4. Antonio Brown 5. Stefon Diggs

Kupp, Adams, Jefferson. Bank it all season long. Brown is back and has Brady tossing him the rock. Diggs is the Bills  big -play man.

RB Top 5

1. Jonathan Taylor 2. Nick Chubb 3. Dalvin Cook 4. Joe Mixon 5. Sony Michel

Taylor, Chubb, and Cook have been the cream of the RB's all season. Mixon has been there but Sony Michel is a new addition who is finding his legs with the Rams.

Top 5 QB

1. Matthew Stafford 2. Tom Brady 3. Patrick Mahomes 4. Aaron Rodgers 5. Dak Prescott

Who is playing hot in December? These are the guys. Any of them can explode this weekend. All are plug-and-play. Dak Prescott is the sleeper and has the most weapons.