Cheat Sheet

Week 16


Top 5  Tight Ends

1. George Kittle 2. Mark Andrews 3. Travis Kelce 4. Kyle PItts 5. Rob Gronkowski

George Kittle is in solid possession of #1 with Mark Andrews continuing his solid play ala Kelce. Kyle Pitts keeps working his way up and hey. Gronk is Gronk, right?



WR Top 5

1. Cooper Kupp 2. Davante Adams 3. Justin Jefferson 4. Keenan Allen 5. Diontae Johnson

With Godwin out for the year, Keenan Allen burst into the top 5. Cooper Kupp continues his incredible fantasy year.

RB Top 5

1. Jonathan Taylor 2. Nick Chubb 3. Dalvin Cook 4. James Robinson 5. Jeff Wilson

The 49ers Jeff Wilson cracks the top 5 this week. Of course, Taylor and Cook are near the top and Nick Chubb keeps powering up the list!

Top 5 QB

1. Matthew Stafford 2. Patrick Mahomes 3. Justin Herbert 4. Tom Brady 5. Aaron Rodgers

Mahomes and Brady swap spots this week with the top 5 using the same names in slightly different places. Stafford is Mr. Reliable but in truth how long before Mahomes just explodes?