Cheat Sheet

Week 15


Top 5  Tight Ends

1. George Kittle 2. Travis Kelce 3. Mark Andrews 4. Rob Gronkowski 5. Dallas Goedert

Goedert is the man in Philly now. Gronk is rejuvenated. Andrews is the TE nobody talks about. Kelce and Kittle take turns with the top spot. This week it's Kittle as he is playing at another level right now.



WR Top 5

1. Cooper Kupp 2. Davante Adams 3. Justin Jefferson 4. Chris Godwin 5. Diontae Johnson

Diontae Johnson is the new weapon in Pittsburgh. Godwin has Brady and Jefferson is just that good. Adams and Kupp are gods.

RB Top 5

1. Jonathan Taylor 2. Dalvin Cook 3. Nick Chubb 4. Joe Mixon 5. Najee Harris

Najee Harris is as regular as the sunrise. Joe Mixon and Nick Chubb seem glued to each other in the rankings. Dalvin Cook and Jonathan Taylor can win your week by themselves.

Top 5 QB

1. Tom Brady 2. Matthew Stafford 3. Justin Herbert 4. Patrick Mahomes 5. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a December QB. Mahomes has his mojo back. Justin Herbert has hit a new gear. Matthew Stafford is in gear and focused. Tom Brady is ... uhh ... hmm ... err ... Tom Brady.