2022 NBA  Eastern Conference  All-Star Team


His agility and 3 point shots wiped out more than a few teams this season. His motor doesn't stop and you want this guy on your team!

Tray Young


DeRozan is a surprise of the season for many analysts but boy how good is this guy! Demar DeRozan is a top 5 NBA scorer and he elevated the Bulls into the next level this season

DeMar DeRozan


Few would argue that there is a more dominant center in the Eastern Conference than Joel Embiid. Embiid's determination keeps the 76ers in the playoff battle!

Joel Embiid


When Giannis turns on his beast mode you better stay out of his way.  The 2 Time NBA MVP is keeping the Bucks fans happy and he is an absolute must for the All-Star game

Giannis Antetokounmpo

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KD is the king of New York! He is the best scoring player per game and we will see Kevin Durant on the Eastern Conference NBA All-Stars team for 2022 .... if he stays healthy!

Kevin Durant

Honorable Mentions

Seriously, where would any list be without honorable mentions? These guys will probably be on the team. What are you waiting for? Click that right arrow! Here we go!

Display a versatile skill set your rookie year that blows everyone away and then get better across the board. Yeah, you're an All-Star.

LaMelo Ball

James Harden surprised many last season with how he fit in with the already stacked Nets.  He is showing his dominance. Without Kyrie Irving, he has an even more critical role for Nets

James Harden