Villanova vs kansas

#2 Villanova


Villanova play defense by keeping the ball and preventing opposition looks. Their defense keeps getting better every game, keeping Houston to 44. 

1. Elite ball retention  2. 1st in FT% 3. Elite 3 point shooting

Collin Gillespie - (G) - Has a 90% FT rate and only 1.6 TO per game.

#2 Villanova


The way to beat Villanova is to use their small ball against them and force them inside. Don't let them rain threes and get ahead.

1. Small size 2. Dependence on 3 3. Can't block inside

#1 Kansas


Kansas love to score inside. They are explosive, they get lots of blocks, and they defend the arc well. 

1. 2 point game 2. Blocks 3. Perimeter Defense

Ochai Agbaji - (G)  18.9 PTS, 40% 3p,

#1 Kansas


If Agbaji and Braun are off, the 3P game is in trouble. Compared to Nova, Kansas are turnover prone, live/die by the sword. 

1. 3P shooting depends on two players 2. Turnovers 3. Interior Defense


Kansas have the better athletes and should dominate if they can get ahead early. Nova depends on a possession game and will likely falter under a sustained assault. Kansas's perimeter D will test Nova's 3p shooting.

Kansas -4.5


There's no reason to think Kansas will falter, they are ranked #1 for a reason their perimeter D should be able to handle Nova's main weapon on offense. Kansas will get ahead  early and Nova won't be able to create enough turnovers to come back. 

Kansas by 5

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