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Don't miss one of the most exciting UFC Fight Night Events. Makhachev vs Green has everything one can hope for! Excellent grappling and Muay Thai is to be expected!

Many compare Makhachev to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Both are excellent and dominant grapplers that show no mercy to their opponents.  Islam Makhachev 21 - 1 stats must be respected

Islam Makhachev has shown his skills in several instances. Islam has won all 3 of his fights in 2021 with submission. His grappling is deadly and Bobby Green will have to avoid going down at all costs.

Makhachev does not have too many weaknesses that could be easily exploited but he tends to drop his guard on some instances.  However, do not expect Makhachev to throw his towel just yet. He can sustain a lot of pain if he needs to!

It's very likely to see Makhachev trying to take the fight to the mat early to minimize machinegun punches of Bobby Green. From that point on it's gonna be cat and the mouse game. 

Bobby "King" Green will bring some fire to the game. You know what they say don't bring a knife to a gunfight.  He sure made sure he has both guns locked and loaded for Makhachev!

Bobby Green's Gatling guns finished many formidable opponents at some point. However, some argue that Green 35 is past his prime and he is racking too many losses in recent years.

Will Green have what it takes to combat Makhachev's grappling?  He sure showed some creativity against grapplers in the past, but he struggled to get back on his feet more often than being creative!

UFC Fight Night Makhachev vs Green Odds

UFC Fight Night  Makhachev vs Green  Stats

UFC Fight Night  Makhachev vs Green  Stats


Who is your favorite The Russian Grappler aka Khabib Nurmagomed 2.0 or  The American King "Joker"? 

UFC Fight Night  Makhachev vs Green  Odds

Makhachev is bookies favorite

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