Trevon Diggs Gets 8 - Leads League in Picks

Interception #8 was a beauty. Diggs was 1-1 on the rookie Pitts, again covering the other team's best receiver, with Pitts running a deep out. Diggs gives Pitts room, respecting his speed but breaks early on the route. Pitts gets turned around trying to locate the ball which is high and fast but Diggs never loses sight of it. Well, for a moment he does as he secures the catch behind his head while on the move showing off those WR hands.  

Diggs Lines up in 1on 1 coverage vs the rookie Pitts who's in the slot.

1-1 Coverage

Diggs on Pitts

Diggs is locked in on Pitts, not giving him the inside, fully aware of a probable outside move coming.

Diggs Breaks HARD

Diggs gets his hips turned immediatly and breaks hard on the route locating the ball enroute. Pitts is just realizing the ball is high. Diggs already knows.

Diggs Highpoints 

Diggs highpoints the ball while the rookie Pitts is still trying to locate it. 

Secures the Catch

Diggs secures the catch behind his head using his helmet to create a third hand. 

Diggs is the real deal, and since he is being deployed to shadow the other team's best receiver it's going to be tough for teams to ice him. Instead, they are going to keep trying to find ways to bait him, which has worked a few times. 8 interceptions and counting. I'll take those odds.