Tom Brady  Un-Retires  (is that a word?)

Tom Brady retired. Now he is unretired and ready to take the Buccaneers back to the Super Bowl baby!

WHY ??? did Brady retire in the first place?  Word is his body/mind were screaming at him. He is 44 years young and had just suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of the (soon-to-be) Super Bowl Champion Rams. 

WHY???? Has Brady Unretired? Well ... since you asked, there are two prevailing theories. I believe both of them have oars in the water, so to speak! 

Reason #1 In the last game of his career, Von Miller left Brady with a fat lip. His helmet "just" catches Brady. Brady wants a flag. He does not get his flag.

Reason #1 - Continued Brady losses his cool, gets abusive, and is in the zebra's grill. You can see the ref assess a moment then calmly T's Brady up. Reports are this still burns.

Reason #2 Tom Brady misses his bros and is a competitive junkie. He has to compete. It's who he is. He wants More ..................

More time with Gronk! You KNOW Tom has to be on the phone with his BFF asking him if he wants to give it one more run. And you KNOW Gronk will say yes.

.... and more of this. Brady almost worked another miracle against the LA Rams. He wants another shot at making that happen.

Brady wants more time to get these passes to drop like dimes from heaven for huge plays.

Brady wants more time to connect with Evans deep downfield for the score.

Brady wants more shots at critical first downs into windows so small you can barely see them let alone hit them.

Brady wants more

Would you tell him no?  Exactly!