raptors vs 76ers

Odds  and  Predictions

Toronto Raptors


The Raptors are at nearly 2 steals a game for their starting 5, and are 2nd in the league in TO and OREB. They control games frustrate offenses. 

1. Perimeter Defense 2. Offensive Rebounds 3. Ball Security

Fred Van Fleet- (PG) 20.3 6.7 AST, 37% 3p, 1.7 STL A force on both offense and defense, Van Fleet is lightning to Siakam's thunder. 



Toronto gives away fouls in the paint and is having a weak shooting year, with no one above 50% FG. 

1. Shot Accuracy 2. Offensive Output 3. Personal Fouls

Philadelphia 76ers


The 76ers are #1 in FT%, have a top 10 shot stopping defense, and rarely give the ball away. 

1. FT % 2. Shot Defense 3. Ball Security

JOEL Embiid- (C) 30.6 PTS, 4.2 AST,1.1 STL, 1.5 BLK. Embiid can post up or shoot the 3, all while holding down a strong defense. 


Phila is a middling offensive team that uses their possessions wisely with Embiid as the anchor. They struggle to chase games. 

1. Offensive Output 2. Rebounding 3. 2P Accuracy

Philadelphia  76ers


Bassey will be out for Game 1

Charles Bassey - SHoulder

Jaden Springer - knee

Springer is day to day 


The Raptors have beaten the 76ers twice since March 20th, so look for them to cover the spread and even get an upset. They're injury free and hungry to win. 

PHI -4.5


Raptors 105 - 76ers - 102

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