Rams vs Vikings Week 16

Five keys to the game for Rams at the Vikings


Matthew Stafford seems to be over his mid-season slump and is finding a way to live with his injuries and continue building chemistry with all-world WR Cooper Kupp. If Stafford stays hot so do the Rams.

Matthew Stafford


Dalvin Cook is more than the spice that makes the soup great. Dalvin is the meat and potatoes as well. As Dalvin Cook goes, so go the Vikings. The Rams are a tough D to run on. This will be a critical matchup.

Dalvin Cook


Aaron Donald is the lynchpin but Von Miller is starting to find his groove and when he, Floyd, and Gaines all get going opposing QB's feel the heat. Controlling the rotation is key for the Vikings.


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It's a match-up league and most teams don't have anyone that can match-up with Justin Jefferson. Moss Jr. is ready to put a big play on you every snap. Keep your eyes on Jalen Ramsey v Jefferson every play.



Aaron Donald is so much more than "just" a guy who can put pressure on the QB. He is the ultimate disruptor and that leads to turnovers. The Vikings can't stop Donald, but they have to minimize his impact.

Aaron Donald


Odell Beckham Jr. is still an incredibly gifted athlete. If he and Stafford get on the same page opposing defenses won't have the depth to defend both him and Cooper Kupp. This may be "the game."


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