Week 17 Keys to the Game

Raiders vs Colts Preview


Who is Derek Carr? Last week he was 201 yards, 8 YPA, 0 TDs, and 0 picks. Game manager stats and they did get the W. But Raiders want the playoffs and that is not playoff OR Raider football!

Derek Carr


1,626 yards (1st in the NFL) 17 TDs (1st in the NFL) Jonathan Taylor has used 2021 as his personal highlight reel. Week 16 was almost pedestrian for him with 108 yards and 27 carries. Taylor drives the Colts. Stop him or lose.

Jonathan Taylor


The Raiders run D isn't bad. They are tied for 9th in the league with a 4.2 YPC and a 115.7 YPG averages. But holding a team like the Broncos ground game in check isn't dealing with a player like Jonathan Taylor.

Raiders Run D


The Colts offensive line was decimated by COVID-19 last week and required some Wentz-magic to get the victory. Quenton Nelson and company are back this week and Indy can get back to their ground-game ways.

Colts OLine


If the Colts get the ground game going it will be hard to generate consistent pressure vs any Indy QB. Maxx Crosby and company have to get home when they have their shots on long-distance downs.

Raiders Pressure


Carson Wentz & Darren Waller's Covid Status are key. Wentz is coming off a 225 yard, 2 TD, 8 YPA, and a 113 QBR. Derek Carr's numbers have dropped off a cliff since Waller has been out. Total Wildcard plays.


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