Keys to the game for when the Patriots play the Dolphins this weekend.

Patriots vs Dolphins Week 18


Last week Mac Jones busted out 227 yards for 3 TDs, 7.6 YPA, and a 128.1 QBR. YOWZA!!! It's the team playing hot in December that goes deep in the playoffs. Mission accomplished.

Mac Jones


Tua has been on a tear, until last week against the Titans where he put up 205 yards for 5.4 YPA, a pick, and a 53.1 QBR. Over the last 3 games 3 TD, 4 Picks. Not playoff football. He is young, but not elite. It's been a good year.

Tua Tagovailoa


T. Lawrence 3 Picks last week alone.  J.C. Jackson 2021 stats - 8 picks (2nd in NFL) and a 49% comp rate. Matt Judon is leading the charge on the QB and this D will pick your pocket blind!

Patriots Pass D


Jaylen Waddle has been a weapon this season but is only as good as his QB. Vs the Titans, he had 7 targets but only 3 receptions for 47 yards.  Both Tua and Waddle need to get hot and on the same page to have a chance at a W.

Jaylen Waddle


The Patriots rushing defense has given up 4.5 YPC (tied for 24th in the NFL) for 119.3 YPG. In losing efforts the Pats gave up huge ground games. Very un-Belichick.

Patriots Rush D


Last week the Pats used 36 carries to put up 181 yards on the ground for 5 YPC and 4 TDs. Belichick wants to protect his rookie QB and a bruising run game is the way to do it.

Patriots Run Game

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