Nuggets vs Warriors

Game 1 REview

denver nuggets


Denver Nuggets started well in Q1 vs the Warriors that have been out of the NBA Playoffs for several years now.

The Joker!  Will Barton

Nikola Jokic- (C) 25 PTS, 10 REB 6 AST, FG 48% Was not enough from THe MVP to put his team ahead in Game 1



Denver struggles to defend in the paint, lacks pace, and can't create turnovers. When the center is 2nd in steals, that's not a good sign. 

1. Turnover Creation 2. Offensive Output 3. Paint Defense

Golden State Warriors


Steph Curry is a beast but he has not been at this best and his recent injury made him a bit rusty. Fear not Klay Thompson and (19 PTS) and Jordan Poole (30 PTS) lead Warriors to the victory in Game 1

1. Jordan Poole 2. Jordan Poole 3. Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole- (G) 30 PTS, 3 AST, 71.4% 3P. Outshined Curry and THompson in Nuggets vs Warriors Game 1  


The Warriors are a turnover machine (12) and they foul too much (22). Warriors are still a little unsure if they are really in the playoffs but give them one more game and they will be firing on all cylinders!

1. Ball Security 2. Personal Fouls 3. Offensive output

Golden State Warriors


Steph curry - foot

Andrew Wiggins - Back

Nikola Jokick - Wrist

Each player pushed through their injury and put respectable numbers. However, it was clear that the Joker or Curry weren't anywhere close to their best. Poor FG% Jokic 48 and Curry 38.5 led to too many wow moments...  Sadly not in a good way.


The Warriors were expected to win Game 1.  Our Pre-game prediction Nuggets 110 Warriors 120 was not far off  Final Score Nuggets 107 vs Warriors 123.

GSW -6.5

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