NFL Review

Week 17



Antonio Brown has issues. One could point to mental health possibilities or one could assume the young man is a jerk. CTE comes to my mind. The only thing we know is now he's not a Buc.

No matter the team

Tom Brady GOAT

clinched NFL Playoff Birth

Titans, Chiefs, Bengals, Bills, Patriots, Packers, Rams, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Eagles

2 plays in the furious 4th quarter comeback stand out as Matthew Stafford and Odell Beckham Jr. connected. 1st one 4th and 5 then next for this TD and the win. Chemistry baby!

The ship has arrived

Matthew Stafford & Odell Beckham Jr.

Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay to a 37-10 victory over the Vikings and did not even break a sweat. The path to the Super Bowl runs through Green Bay. 

Aaron Rodgers is not here to be popular



The New England Patriots may not have Tom Brady but they are still the best coached team in the NFL. 50-10 over Jacksonville and the game was never in doubt

Critical moment  of the 4th qtr and Aaron Donald splits the double-team and manhandles the QB

Aaron Donald is an absolute beast

In the NFL  Playoff Hunt!

Colts, Chargers, Raiders, Ravens, Steelers, 49ers, Saints.

26 of 38 for 2 TD and 263 yards versus a league-leading defense while throwing pin-point passes on the move and displaying the speed & vision that make him special.

Kyler Murray is BAAAACK