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NFL Training Camps & NFL Dates

1st 7 days are scripted (insofar as the type of practice) Day 1-3 = Zero contact Days 4-5 = full speed in helmets and "light" gear Day 6 = mandatory rest  Day 7 = Full pads Day 8 and beyond the team sets the rhythm but there are limits on full speed and full pad days. 

CBA Stuff

Players/Staff are no longer required to be under mandatory surveillance, testing with no regard to their vaccination status.  Electronic tracking is no longer required for players/staff Local municipalities dictate masks  It's a too long for here. Click below for more.


– Aug 16 - Reduce roster to 85 players (from 90) – Aug 23 - Reduce roster to 80 player – Aug 30 - Reduce roster to 53 player

NFL Dates

Preseason Dates

Each team plays 3 games.  Jags and Raiders play 4 including the HOF game.  Aug 4th HOF game Aug 11th - week 1 NFL preseason weekend Sep 8th - Thursday, Rams vs Bills to check out mock drafts, get fantasy info, talk about the draft, and more!