Let the powers be ranked!


Houston Texans (4-13)

(+/- 0) Houston didn't bring in many new faces through free agency. Their best 2022 unit was pass defense, so adding Stingley is nice, but Green was a better pick. They stay #32 until they can win more than 4. 


jacksonville jaguars (3-14)

(-1) The Jags drafted well with Walker and Lloyd, and also had a good free agency by signing Scherff and Engram. Doug Pederson could yet breathe life into this team, but they still rely on an unproven QB and are recovering from the Urban Meyer catastrophe. 


Seattle Seahawks (7-10)

(-9) Russell Wilson was often singlehandedly keeping Seattle in games these past 2 seasons. Without him and Wagner, Seattle will suffer as they go into full rebuild mode. 


Atlanta Falcons (7-10)

(-6) The Falcons were bad in every stat but passing offense, and now they've lost Matt Ryan. Drake London was a good addition, but Mariota is unproven and the Falcons D is still heavily suspect and reliant on Pitts.  


Chicago Bears (6-11)

(-6) The Bears have an all new front office who is deciding to go all in on building the defense and letting the offense sort itself out. Fields will struggle and so will Chicago while they transition. 


washington Commanders (7-10)

(-3) The Commies drafted well and signed Wentz, but that might not be a positive. Wentz is prone to hero-ball and if he couldn't cut it with the Colts' O-Line it won't get much better in Washington. 


carolina panthers (5-12)

(+3) Christian McCaffery is back from an ankle injury and the Panthers signed Ikey Ekwonu to protect the QB.  Expect Darnold to do well this year as he finally gets proper weapons and protection. 


detroit lions (3-13)

(+2) The Lions drafted well and are starting to buy into the culture change led by Dan Campbell. Hutchinson, Williams and Rodriguez are all game changers. Expect the Lions to stabilize and improve this year. 


new york jets (4-13)

(+4) The Jets had their best draft in team history, so expect them to take a leap forward as Robert Saleh gets his guys and helps Zach Wilson develop into a grown-ass man. 


new york Giants (4-13)

(+8) The Giants killed it in the draft and now Michael Strahan is coaching Kayvon Thibodeaux. They also addressed needs impressively in free agency and are free of Gettleman and Judge's influence. Saquon is healthy and Tyrod Taylor is a quality backup. 


Minnesota Vikings (8-9)

(+4) The Vikings remain a stable mid-tier team while other's fall around them. They picked up Za'Darius Smith from the Packers and  drafted Lewis Cine and Andrew Booth Jr. If Cousins can reach a new level, Vikings can make a deep playoff run. 


cleveland browns (8-9)

(-1) The Browns remain a good team with loads of uncertainty. Watson and Baker are both up in the air. They lost Clowney but picked up Winfrey in the draft and addressed their pass defense with Emerson. We're moving the Browns down one spot due to the chaos surrounding Watson. and Mayfield


arizona cardinals (11-6)

(-5) The Cardinals are hurt by the PED suspension of Deandre Hopkins and Kyler Murray seeming disgruntled. They didn't address a major need in the draft, drafting a TE when they already have Ertz. Murray was hurried 68 times, 4th most in the league


Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)

(-8) The Steelers were powered by Big Ben's final hurrah last season, so will take a year to re-set while the 4 QBs battle it out and learn the offense. Free agency was meh, but the draft picks show real promise. 


new orleans saints (9-8)

(+/- 0) The Saints are going through a culture change with the retirement of Sean Payton, but did well in free agency and in the draft. Winston is super talented, but still needs to refine his game.  


Indianapolis colts (9-8)

(-5) The Colts have signed Matt Ryan as QB and Stephon Gilmore as a CB. They drafted well, got Ryan weapons and look poised to make the playoffs this year behind the best running back in the NFL.


miami Dolphins (9-8)

(-3) The Fins signed Tyreek Hill and picked up Tindall in the draft. The look poised to be solid, but fall due to the competition around them improving. 


Denver broncos (7-10)

(+10) Russell Wilson was winning Seattle games by himself at times, and is the perfect QB to unlock Denver's dormant offense. They also drafted well by getting Bonito and Dulcich. Look for Denver to be dangerous this year. 


Philadelphia eagles (9-8)

(+3) The Eagles drafted well and scored a huge signing with AJ Brown. Jordan Davis and Fletcher Cox will be one  of the best duos in the NFL and Hurts has all the weapons he could ever want.  They found a replacement for Kelce and looked poised to challenge the Cowboys for the division. 


Las Vegas raiders (10-7)

(+5) Devante Adams joining his college teammate Derrick Carr is a match made in heaven. They set records at Fresno state and could light up the AFC West this year. 


los angeles chargers (9-8)

(+3) The Bolts will have key players recovered from injury and Herbert continues to improve. They drafted help on the line and signed Khalil Mack. Look for them to take a step forward this year. 


Tennessee Titans (12-5)

(-2) King Henry is back and if he can stay healthy then the Tennessee Titans will be competing in the playoffs again.  


Baltimore ravens (8-9)

(+4) The Ravens had an excellent draft and look poised to improve upon their 2021 season with a new attack focused on running and tight ends. 


new england patriots (10-7)

(+1) The Patriots had a typical Belichick draft and will probably get 3 pro bowlers out of Bill's strange picks.  


green bay packers (13-4)

(-2) The Packers continued with their tradition of refusing to draft a receiver in the 1st round, but picked up some necessary pieces on defense. 


tampa bay buccaneers (13-4)

(-2) The Bucs drafted a good replacement for Suh and Marpet while getting Shaq Mason in free agency. Look for Tompa Bay to run it back, albeit with some uncertainty. 


Dallas cowboys (12-5)

(+2) The Cowboys had a good draft and picked up a lot of good looking prospects in the later rounds. They added some glue pieces in free agency and have a healthy and focused Dak.  


san francisco 49ers (10-7)

(+2) Whether its Jimmy G or Trey Lance, the Niners always look good with Kyle Shanahan's offense.  


kansas city Chiefs (12-5)

(-1) Andy Reid will have his hands full replacing Tyreek Hill and fortifying the KC defense, but he's always a top contender and they drafted well this year. 


buffalo Bills (11-6)

(+1) The Bills filled some necessary gaps in the draft and look poised for a repeat run to the AFC final. 


cincinnati bengals (10-7)

(+/-0) The Bengals had a killer free agency and signed an offensive line to protect Joe Burrow. They picked up key secondary pieces in the draft to protect against the pass. 


los angeles rams (12-5)

(+/- 0) The Rams always do their homework and draft well in the later rounds. This year should be no different.