NFL Black Monday

First order of business the day the season is over? Firing head coaches and  GMs of course! Here is the list!

Vic Fangio Denver Broncos

Inability to develop a quarterback is ultimately what got Fangio. His team played HARD for him and his  D is a weapon on game day.

Mike Zimmer Minesota Vikings

Mike Zimmer was tied to Kirk Cousins. Your team has to be really good to win with a game manager at QB. They weren't quite good enough. 

Rick Spielman Minnesota Vikings

The man who signed Kirk Cousins is the man you look at when it doesn't pan out. 

Brian Flores Miami Dolphins

I really don't get this one. You have your coach tank in order to get your draft picks elevated then you fire him because of his record? #MindBlown 

Matt Nagy  Chicago Bears

The writing has been on this wall for a while. His players never quit on him but he has not shown an ability to develop QB talent. An elite QB is what you need to win championships. See ya Matt!

Nagy got fired for not being able to develop elite QB talent. Ryan Pace had a plan but was unable to execute it. He and Nagy were tied at the hip and there is no separating the pair or their results.

Ryan Pace  Chicago Bears

Dave Gettleman New York Giants

Gettleman officialy "retired" today. Let's be real. He was given a choice and took the elegant solution. Too many high picks are not on the team anymore. That kills team building.

Honorable Mentions

Lets us not forget Urban Meyers and Jon Gruden who both bit the NFL Black Monday bullet, just earlier than everyone else. 

Joe Judge New York Giants

Black Monday UPDATE

The Giants took an extra two days but in the end, not only Gettelman but Joe Judge was also shown the door.  No one is surprised here.