New England Patriots Free Agents

Who are the key New England Free Agents for the 2022 offseason?  The New England Patriots Free Agent Cheat Sheet is here!

UFA Trent Brown is a key piece to the LT puzzle. Isaiah Wynn can't seem to stay healthy and Brown gets the job done. Decision time.

OT Trent Brown

WR Jakobi Meyers price is going to be set by the other 31 NFL teams. He has earned his shot at a nice contract. NE would love to keep him. Can they with their limited 2022 cap space?

UFA Jakobi Meyers

FA Devin McCourty played 94.4% of the defensive snaps but is 35 years old. The Patriots love the guy and if he does not retire would love to have him back for 2022.

S Devin McCourty

This UFA is a guy the rest of the league wants to get their mitts on in a very bad way. The Pats moved on from Gillmore are they ready to sink that money into Jackson? CB or LB is the big $$ decision.

CB J.C. Jackson

UFA Dont'a Hightower is again a key cog in the Patriots' defense after sitting out last season. The Pats want to extend/resign him but it is going to COST. CB or LB? That is where the big $$ goes in 2022. 

LB Dont'a Hightower

The guy is a tackle machine and has the juice to disrupt play on the other side of the line of scrimmage. Not the best in coverage, not the worst. Him or Hightower. Pats can't afford to keep both. 

LB Ja'Whaun Bentley

Jakob Johnson is an RFA which helps. The Pats love what he brings to the club and use him in creative ways. He is a versatile and a a total "football player." What's not to love. He resigns!

FB Jakob Johnson

In truth, UFA Jamie Collins is probably more valuable to the Patriots than to 31 other NFL teams. They know how to use him. It only takes 1 team though and he's gone. Probably resigns.

LB Jamie Collins