Nets vs Celtics

Odds  and  Predictions

Brooklyn Nets


The Nets are an offensive team, relying on their burst scoring to win games. When KD and Kyrie are hot, they're tough to stop. 

1. Shot Accuracy 2. Blocks 3. Perimeter D

kevin durant -  29.9 PTS, 6.4 AST, 38% 3p, 6.9 RBD.  KD was one shoe size away from taking the Nets to the finals, and is ready to play this year. 


Brooklyn fouls a lot and teams rack up FTs on them. They tend to let teams drive on them and can be prone to giving the ball away. 

1. Personal Fouls 2. Paint Defense 3. Turnovers

Brooklyn Nets

Boston celtics


Boston has a dynamic #1 defense with the least points given away in the league. They block, make shots tough, and get the rebound. 

1. Blocks 2. Shot Defense 3. Rebounds

Jayson Tatum-  26.9 PTS, 4.4 AST,1.1 STL, 1.0 STL. Tatum's defense has been hot this year with a +12.1 +/-, taking the Celtics on a late playoff run. 


Boston is a very well rounded team and their only real "weaknesses" are rank 15/32 Turnovers and 3P%. No real weaknesses on the Celtics this year. 

1. Turnovers 2. 3P Accuracy



Harris is out for the season

Joe Harris- Ankle

robert williams - knee

Williams won't be back until May.


Can Seth Curry give the Nets the burst they need to get ahead and force Boston to shoot threes? Marcus Smart is having a DPOY year, so its likely the Nets will get frustrated and over-rely on Durant. 

BOS -4


Nets 98 - Celtics 103

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