Celtics vs Nets:  game 3

Odds  and  Predictions

Brooklyn Nets


The Nets gave game 2 away. KD and Kyrie shot 11% after playing 40 minutes and were clearly exhausted. They need to get more out of their bench players to have a chance. 

KyRIE IRVING-  Kyrie went cold shooting 4 for 15 with 0 threes. It seemed like playing in Boston was getting to him as the crowd constantly bood him all night.


Kyrie and Durant need to be sharp, not exhausted. They need to spread the ball and trust their teammates so they can have juice in the 4th. 

1. Use bench  2. Move the ball

Brooklyn Nets

Boston celtics


Boston's defense has been on fire this series as they've dominated the boards and created turnovers. Tatum is spreading the ball around and getting his team involved like a true leader. 

Jayson Tatum-  Tatum had 10 assists in Game 2 and shot 40% from three. 


Boston needs to keep making Brooklyn work for every point. No easy threes or fastbreaks. Exhaust Durant and frustrate him to force bad shots. 

1. Frustrate KD 2. Force the drive



Harris is out for the season

Joe Harris- Ankle

robert williams - knee

Williams won't be back until May.

Ben Simmons - Back


Vegas is betting the home court advantage will wake Brooklyn up. However the Nets haven't beat the Celtics since November. Boston has more depth, better defense, and better chemistry. If KD and Kyrie don't play perfect, Nets lose.

NETS -3.5


Nets 110- Celtics 112

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