Eastern Conference Edition

NBA Playoffs 2022

10 Charlotte Hornets 

Hornets had a peculiar season. Many expected Hornets to be more competitive in 2022 season.  However, Charlotte Hornets still managed to clinche play-in position, which means we cannot rule them out from the playoffs just yet! Perhaps the dark "hornet" of 2022 NBA playoffs? 

9 Atlanta Falcons

Trae Young and Clint Capela stood out this season both defensively and offensively Falcons showed a lot of promise. Very few teams figured out how to stop Trae and his boys. However, the Falcons' lapses in form and dependence on Trae Young showed to be a problem at times. Can the Falcons win the NBA playoffs? .

8 Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs surprised many this season. This young team has gained a lot of experience, and with a clear underdog label, they have nothing to lose and soooo much to learn!  Don't expect Cavs to win it all this year but expect them to show some pace and resistance.  They are here to gain experience and perspective on how different playoff basketball is!

7 Brooklyn Nets

Nets had to deal with a lot of changes.  Kyrie Irving not getting vaccinated and sitting out a good part of the season. James Harden saying goodbye to New York and moving Philli affected this team's performance greatly.  But worry not Nets are on a roll with 4 wins and secured Playoff position!

6 Chicago Bulls

The Bulls started so well! Sitting on a top of the Eastern Conference for a while and Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan steeling the spotlight and becoming NBA All-Stars. DeMar DeRozan was an absolute master trade. He delivered more than most could have imagined when his trade was announced.  With Bulls clinching the Playoffs it's time to start dreaming Bull's fans! Is this a new Dynasty in making? 

5 Toronto Raptors

After a Covid 2021 Season Raptors are back in Torronto and they made their home city proud!  Raptors are ready to put up a show in NBA playoffs with Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet showing their skills once again.  Raptors may not be the best balance team but their defense offten helps to compensate for scoring

4 Philadelphia 76ers

Ben Simmons was the biggest headache for the 76ers for a great part of the season. Nets trade including Harden was probably the best that could have happened to 76ers this season.  The nets trade including Harden was probably the best that could have happened to the 76ers this season. on. most likely teams to win the NBA Playoffs this season.

3 Milwaukee Bucks

The reigning champions are as deadly as ever and it's going to be very difficult to stop Giannis with an average of  29.9 points per game.  There is only one more prolific scorer in the league right now. Joel Embiid 30.6 ppg.  Fingers crossed we see the Bucks and 76ers in the conference finals. These two gentlemen will put up a show!

2 Boston Celtics

Would I put my money on Celtics this year? year in the NBA playoffs in Round 1 with the Nets. Boston Celtics were very disappointed last year in the NBA playoffs in Round One with the Nets. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Robert Williams III gained a lot of experience in the past year. Would I put my money on Celtics this year to win the NBA Playoffs? No. But, they will put up a  show!

1 Miami Heat

Miami Heat's young team shocked everybody in the 2020 NBA Playoffs bubble.  Many pundits argued that they will not be able to replicate it in 2021 and they were not!  But, 2 years later and Miami Heat is again on fire and ready to show the league they were not a bubble fluke! They are here and they are going all the way for the NBA 2022 Playoff Championship Title