MLB Lockout Update   Monday February 28th

The deadline

has arrived, and the owners report they are willing to miss a month's worth of games. 

Spring Training

was scheduled to begin on March 31st, but according to sources the owners have struck a more threatening tone.

The Players

Have already started preparing for a couple months with no baseball.  There is a full MLBPA training facility in Arizona, and players are allowed to play internationally during a lockout. 

won't receive their base salary if the lockout extends into the regular season, but they will still get deferred salary and bonuses from their contracts. 

the players

paid players $10k every 2 weeks of missed games during the 1994-1995 lockout and will cover healthcare costs while providing 0 interest loans.  Also at stake is the expanded post-season, which might come off the table if the regular season is missed. 

the union

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