March Madness

Michigan  vs  Colorado State Preview

#11 Michigan 

1. 15th in turnover creation 2. 26th in 2P scoring 3. Center is their best scorer

Michigan are led by their center, Hunter Dickenson, and can create lots of turnovers without steals or blocks.


Hunter Dickenson (C) - 18.3 PTS, 8.3 RBDS, 2.3 AST

#11 Michigan 

1. 336th in steals 2. 300th in 2P against 3. 280th in turnovers given

Michigan also give the ball away a lot themselves, and can let lots of points in when playing technically sound offenses. 


#6 Co State

1. 59th in 2P against 2. 13th in FG% 3. 59th in steals against

Colorado State shoots the ball well from the field, has good guard play, and a tough interior defense. 


David Roddy (G)- 19.4 PTS, 7.6 RBDS, 2.8 AST

#6 CO State

1. 341st in turnovers given 2. 309th in personal fouls 3. 182nd in DREBs

CSU tends to give the ball away and rack up personal fouls. They are also a bit undersized with no 7 footers and have a tough time rebounding. 



CSU has played in the weaker conference, so Vegas feels like Michigan's overall team strength will be able to overcome their weaknesses in this matchup. 

Michigan are -2.5pt favorites


However, we think David Roddy's strength and athleticism will be able to shut down Michigan's primary offensive weapon, Hunter Dickenson.  Michigan are weak to interior pressure and CSU specializes in making accurate FGs. Tough match up for the Wolverines. 

Csu wins by 3