March Madness

#22 Murray State

Top PLayers

1. KJ Williams 2. Tevin Brown 3. Justice Hill 4. Trae Hannibal 5. DJ Burns

This small school powerhouse are ranked 21st in FG% and top 50 in rebounds and steals. Their top scorer is their top offensive rebounder and they move the ball well. 

KJ Williams

18 PPG, 1.5 STL/G, 2.9 OREB/G

Tevin  Brown

16.4 PPG, 40% 3P, 1.4 STL/G

Justice  Hill

13 PPG, 1.0 STL/G, 5.1 AST/G

Trae Hannibal

9 PPG, 1.2 STL/G, 2.7 AST/G

DJ  Burns

6 PPG, 1.2 STL/G, 3.0 OREB/G


Murray State has no odds yet because they are still competing in the OVC tournament for their seeding in March Madness. If they win, they will be a single digit seed and would be a good bet to make the Sweet Sixteen. Their shooting is excellent and their defense is spread throughout the entire team.