Liverpool vs Newcastle United

Stayed On Top


Not much Allison could do about the goal. He stayed composed and got a great  1-on-1 save shortly after Thiago's 1st half poor decision leading to the goal

Man of the Match


Not much he had to do defensively and when he did he had no match! Trent's crossing and vision were top quality but what what made him stand out today was his bullet goal!!! 3-1 

Not too busy


Joel Matip had an easy evening vs Newcastle United. We know Joel likes to carry the ball and he had plenty of opportunity to play as an additional "midfielder"

The Wall


Konate stepped in due to VVD's positive covid test but fear not he was as dominant as Virgil. Konate had a chance to score from a corner while he kept causing problems on both sides of the field.

Energizer Bunny


Robo was busy running up and down and crossing the ball and distributing it well to his teammates. He didn't disappoint or impress.

Direct and Strong


Ox is in form and he is showing it every time he get gets the chance. He was very direct and ready to put his name on the scoreboard. 

Perfect Team player


Hendo showed leadership in his midfield role and why he is a great team players. Distributed the ball well and took care of his defensive duties on a few rare instances

Not Briliant as Usual


Thiago didn't seem to have his head in the game today. His poor clearance lead to the fist goal of the game from former LFC player Jonjo Shelvey. Soon after he put Allison's skills in test with another sloppy play.

The BEst of The Best


Mo Salah showed his exceptional skills once again! His vision and pressure lead to his the 2nd goal of the game. And also, he was a good team player trying to find his team mates on multiple instances 



Some may call Jota's goal unsportsmenship like but it's up to the ref to stop the game not the players.  Jota was causing problems to Newcastle Defenders all night long!

Can't seem to Score


Sadio Mane's work ethic is crazy. His aggressiveness unparalleled but he can't seem to find the net. Sadio could have taken a penalty but decided to stay on his feat and his rickshaw shot led to Salah's goal