NFL Draft Profile

Kenny Pickett

The Pittsburgh Senior is seen by many to be the 2nd best QB in the NFL draft. I think he is #1.

6'3", 217 lbs, 30 7/8" arms,  8 1/2" hands Broke Dan Marino  Pittsburgh passing records

QB Kenny Pickett

Here Kenny Pickett drops a freaking dime at the NFL Combine. Yeah, he has the arm strength to chuck the deep ball

QB Kenny Pickett

Ball Velocity Throws on the move Multiple arm angles Legs, quick to escape 42-7 TD-INT Ratio

Just to show it isn't a fluke Pickett drops another dime the next rep. This with WR's he doesn't know. 

QB Kenny Pickett

Needs to learn to take a sack Pressure gets in his head Better ball placement More consistent technique

Here Pickett drops another dime to Garrett Wilson on a deep-out route. Note how Pickett gets the ball to turn and drop into Wilson's bucket for the connection. 

QB Kenny Pickett

He needs work but all of the tools are there and the upside is sweet. Kenny Pickett on the right team is a home run. If the Steelers get him it's kismet!

You need to be able to hit your WR running the dig route in stride and with the right amount of pace. Box checked.