Dallas Cowboys News

the latest news and stories of note about the Dallas cowboys July 14th, 2022 

Offensive Line That used to be strength now a problem?

A rookie at LG, a Doug Free reboot at RG, a Phil Costa clone at OC, and an aging LT. Are they the answer or the problem for 2022?

Dallas Cowboys Trade Rumors

Ezekiel Elliott's contract makes him untradebable, uncutable. But soon-to-be free agent Pollard's contract is just right. Is it time to trade and get value now vs perhaps none at all?

Nashon Wright - breakout season or baby steps for the talented DB?

The rangy DB has all the physical tools to excel in the Dan Quinn D. At 6'4" he could bring a whole new dimension to the pass defense.

Cee Dee lamb out ranks Amari Cooper on ESPN list

The Amari Cooper departure rang alarm bells for Cowboys Nation. But CeeDee Lamb is in the top 20 ESPN rankings. Cooper is not.

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Dak Prescott ranks in top 10 NFL QBs according to NFL GMs

Ranking higher than 25 year old, former MVP Lamar Jackson is the Cowboys' Dak Prescott when you talk to NFL GMs. Is this the year he puts it all together?

Cowboys WR Corps NFC East rankings  slipping

Amari Cooper is gone. How do the remaining wideouts on the Cowboys roster rank vs the NFC East?